AI marketing campaigns only a bot could launch & which tools pitch the best ones

You’ve probably tried generative AI software if you’re a marketer. You’ve used ChatGPT for headline generation. These fragmented use cases don’t capture AI’s full potential. In five years, many companies are going to be creating AI-based marketing campaigns.

McKinsey & Co. reports that 90% of business leaders think their companies should be using generative AI more often. However, only 20% actually do. Most teams have only tested AI in a small way.

AI Marketing Campaign Benefits

Why would you create an AI-based marketing campaign? We tend to think of higher-level thinking and strategy as being a human function. However, AI is getting better at this.

Imagine how AI tools learn: they use machine learning to analyze top-performing campaigns in email, social media, and search results.

Then, they use the data to replicate top-performing marketing campaigns. They borrow their format and syntax while coming up with an original idea.

It can help humans to do their best work. Here are some reasons why you should try AI-based marketing campaigns.

Launch campaigns quickly

It takes weeks or even months to create the best marketing campaigns. Or do they?

AI-driven marketing campaigns can help teams go from conception to execution within hours, saving time and allowing them to respond quickly to market changes.

Marketers work on an average of five campaigns at once. This could be a game-changer.

Spark New Ideas

AI tools might not be able to give you a winning campaign idea on the first try or even the fifth. It can be used as a springboard for creative ideas, allowing you to go from mediocre to epic.

Recently, Joe Lazer Lazauskas, a marketer from The Storytelling Edge Newsletter, wrote about this phenomenon.

ChatGPT allows us to hold brainstorming sessions at any time. “It’s like a thousand coworkers are trapped in your computer, waiting to shout ideas at you. Except their ideas will be probably better,” Lazauskas wrote.

Drive Revenue

According to research by McKinsey & Co., companies that invest in AI see a 3-15% revenue boost and a 10-20% sales ROI boost.

There’s no doubt that a consistent, strategic deployment of AI can increase the bottom line.

How to use Generative AI for your marketing campaigns

Instead of answering ChatGPT prompts such as “Give 10 headline ideas for …”, put on your Strategist hat and spend a few minutes. What do you have to know in order to create a successful marketing campaign?

The tool will start generating ideas once you’ve given it this information. It won’t waste time with campaign pitches that aren’t on target. You can now ask the artificial intelligence to come up with ideas:

AI campaign concept generation. Ask AI for an overall campaign hook and concept before creating individual content assets.

AI-driven social media campaigns. AI can write your social media marketing campaign. AI tools are able to describe an image and target parameters for your campaign, as well as a budget.

AI advertising in Google Search. Imagine a Google Search campaign where you research keywords and ask AI to create a PPC campaign with copy, targeting demographics, and targeting.

AI email campaigns. Create an email series, or even a movement, by feeding your AI tool with your key messages, demographics, and call to action.

AI-powered blog campaigns. Save time and attract potential leads with starter blog content.

AI commercials, video marketing, and video scripts. Although AI video production has just begun, you are able to request video scripts and marketing campaign ideas for almost anything.

AI landing Pages. Lastly, ensure that your campaign is able to convert by creating a landing page that has messaging matching your ad. To engage readers, keep your concept consistent throughout.

Are you starting to see the possibilities yet? Let’s look at the tools that you can use to build an AI-based marketing campaign.

5 AI Tools [Reviewed] To Add To Your Marketers’ Arsenal

It’s hard to believe the flood of AI tools that are being launched on the market.

To help you prioritize your time, I tested several top tools to determine which one creates the most effective marketing campaign. You’re getting your team of advertising agencies to pitch you campaigns.

Campaign assistant by HubSpot

The tools can be overwhelming and difficult to use. HubSpot’s campaign assistant is designed to create marketing campaigns. It is almost foolproof.

You won’t miss a thing. The campaign assistant will ask you questions about your target audience, your message, your writing style, and your CTA.

Tell the assistant what campaign assets you would like it to create. You’re now ready to go.

We fed Campaign Assistant a fictional case study for an ecommerce company that sells sustainable bags.

AI Email Campaign with Campaign Assist

I first chose a marketing message and added my campaign prompts. I explained my business and the three main statements I wanted my audience to understand.

Next, I provided a desired action as well as up to three descriptive words to create a style of writing. I asked for a witty, confident tone.

Here is the email the campaign assistant replied with. The email has a pre-header and subject line that is catchy, three paragraphs that cover my three main points, and an “Order Now button” at the bottom.

It’s a great start, but the email could be improved to make it more personal and tighter.

AI Google Search Ad Campaign With Campaign Assistant

For the next test, I asked that the campaign assistant convert this campaign to a Google Search Ad campaign. The campaign assistant at HubSpot converted the data for me.

What is the result? The result? A short and sweet Google Ad content preview as it would be displayed on Google. You can copy/paste the ad to Google Ads if you want to.

AI Social Media Campaign With Campaign Assistant

Finally, I asked my campaign assistant to design a Facebook social media campaign.

This tool also allows you to create campaigns on Instagram and LinkedIn (launching soon).

The platform placed three ads in a preview window with a body copy and a headline.

It’s helpful to imagine how the final product might look.

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