16 Landing Page Statistics For Businesses in 2023

Do you want to know the most recent landing page statistics and trends? You’re in store for a real treat.

In July 2023, we surveyed 101 seasoned marketing and advertising experts from various corners of the United States to learn more about the latest trends for landing pages.

In today’s digital world, landing pages are often seen as the gateway to success online. They play an important role. These pages are crucial in connecting potential customers with your brand.

A well-designed landing page can make the difference between a visitor who will leave and a customer who will stay.

This article will not only reveal the valuable insights gained from these industry leaders but also show the value that a strategically optimized landing page can provide to your business. Let’s get started.

1. The average landing page conversion across all industries is 5.89 %.

A good conversion rate is 10%. To achieve this goal, it would be best to create landing pages that benefit you and your audience.

A higher conversion rate on landing pages will mean more leads for you to nurture and turn into paying customers, whether you are selling SaaS software or clothing.

2. 43.6% report that generating leads is their main goal. 33.7% state that direct customer purchases are their highest priority.

Landing pages are a great tool for either type of business. They can be used to increase sales, get more subscribers, or generate leads.

3. In 2023, 33.7% of marketers expect higher conversion rates than in 2022.

According to our survey, landing pages that evoke positive emotions can increase conversion rates.

It doesn’t mean that you should ignore negative emotions such as sadness or anger. Consider your business and landing page goals when using feelings for marketing.

A landing page for donations doesn’t need to be happy. The page can be somewhere between happy and unhappy, which will cause the audience to connect and donate to the cause.

4. Marketers use multiple tactics to drive traffic to a landing page.

The other 97% of marketers use a landing page strategy. These are their tactics:

  • 7.9% — Link Building.
  • 32.7% — Paid Advertising.
  • Email Marketing.
  • 5.9% — podcast promotion.
  • YouTube Promotion.
  • Social Media Promotion.
  • Links within blog posts.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • 17.8% — Partner/affiliate marketing.
  • Websites with banner ads and CTAs account for 20.8% of the total.

5. Video is the top landing page element for 38.6% of marketers.

You can increase your conversion rate if you use video as part of your marketing strategy.

In fact, 9/10 people would like to see more video content from companies in 2023. This makes videos a great tool for brand awareness.

6. 30,7% of marketers believe that the number of questions you should include on your landing page is the most effective for conversions.

The number of questions you ask on your landing page form is not a one-size-fits-all.

Omnisend, in a study of brands that sell e-commerce products, found that the highest number of form fields converting is 3. The average conversion rate was 10%.

Email address and name and email address with birthdate are the most popular combinations (7%)

Two questions may be enough for you. Experiment to see what works. HubSpot has found that creating multi-page forms is a form-optimizing strategy that works.

7. Only 10.9% of marketers say that the name and email are essential to a landing page form.

Other marketers collect information such as role, company size and location, experience, phone numbers, address of the company, contact location, and company’s industry.

8. HubSpot is used by 6.9% of marketers surveyed to create landing pages.

Marketing professionals use different content management systems in order to create their landing pages. If you choose one, make sure it is versatile enough to meet your needs.

9. The landing page is the least-used type of signup, but it has the highest conversion rate (23%)

Conversions will increase if you use landing pages to collect customer information.

10. The average increase in conversion for businesses using landing page optimization software is 30%.

Although optimizing your landing pages is important for generating traffic and increasing conversions, you can also use optimization tools to improve the effectiveness of your strategy.

11. Conversion rates can be increased by up to 80% when landing pages address buyer concerns.

Marcus Sheridan is a keynote speaker for Inbound 2019. He shared with the audience an experiment that he conducted about customer concerns. He found that by addressing problems such as email spam and personal data usage on his landing page, his form conversion rate increased.

Consider Sheridan’s strategy if your landing pages don’t convert well. Tell your customers what they can expect from completing the forms on your landing page.

12. The conversion rate of personalized CTAs is 202% higher than the default versions.

Consumers prefer personalization because it prevents them from being bombarded with information they don’t want. Using personalized and targeted CTAs on your landing pages is likely to increase your conversion rate.

13. HubSpot’s blog has seen ebooks as the top-performing landing pages.

Offering ebooks on landing pages will help you increase conversion rates for your business if you run a blog or website and want to distribute instructional content in a long form.

14. Portent claims that pages that load within one second convert at a 3x greater rate than those that take 5 seconds to load.

If your landing page is slow to load, customers will leave. Do everything you can to increase the speed of your page.

15. Costs for creating a landing page range from $75 to $3000.

The cost of creating a landing page is affected by several factors. Do you have an in-house designer, or do you outsource to a company or freelancer? Is your landing page complex or simple? Do you require a landing page design?

16. Signup rates are highest on landing pages.

Landing page signup rates are 23% higher than popups, signup boxes, or Wheels of Fortune.

The Interesting Part? About 66% of signup forms are popups. You can create more landing pages to maximize conversions.

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