You can now sell on Google Shopping for free – here’s how to take advantage of it

This week, there’s some good news for anyone who has always wanted to be involved with Google Shopping. Google announced on April 21 that selling products in the Shopping tab will soon be possible. Google announced on April 21 that it would soon be free to sell in the Shopping tab.

This announcement could not come at a more opportune time, as ecommerce has seen a dramatic increase in traffic due to the coronavirus outbreak. Google hopes this will “help merchants better connect with customers, regardless of whether or not they advertise on Google.”

This sales channel is free, which could be a game changer for smaller merchants that couldn’t otherwise afford Google Shopping. This allows a retailer to showcase their products to the millions of people who use Google Shopping daily. We’ll break down the latest announcement to see what it means for ecommerce and drop shippers.

Google Shopping: What Is it and What Has Changed?

Google shopping ads, also called Product Listing Ads or PLAs, are another great way to get customers and increase sales. Google Shopping ads may not be as popular as social media ads with drop shippers, but they still account for more than 16 percent of ecommerce sales.

Google Shopping ads are displayed on the right or at the top of the search results. They can be found on the Shopping tab, as well. These ads differ from text ads in search results as they also include images of products. You can compare the PLAs below in the red boxes with the text ads next to them.

PLAs provide shoppers with all the required information – including price, picture, and product name. They also include the store name. Google Shopping has a 30% higher conversion rate than traditional text ads. Google Shopping is a powerful platform because of this.

To list your products on Google Shopping, you had to have a Google Merchant Center account and Google Ads. Merchant Center was where you could organize your feed into a Google-friendly form, while Ads allowed you to control advertising and bidding.

Even though Google Shopping has undergone some changes, having an account with Merchant Center is still necessary. It is required to display your products and store information in a Google-friendly format. Google Shopping is now available for free. You don’t need a Google Ads Account to use this platform.

Why should I still pay for Google Shopping?

You may wonder if you still value paying for Google Shopping Ads. Yes, Google Shopping ads are still worth paying for.

Paying for placements will have benefits even though stores can list their products for free on Google Shopping. Paying for ads is the best way to guarantee the top posts of your product ads.

If you only paid to display some of your products on Google Shopping before, you can list your entire catalog for free. You must ensure that all your products are listed in the Merchant Center Product Feed.

How can I sell on Google Shopping?

Google Shopping ads are not automatically generated, even though they’re now free.

Sign up your store to the Google Merchant Center to take advantage of this opportunity. If you are not already a registered user, you’ll have to go through an onboarding process. An onboarding guide walks you through the entire process on the Google Merchant Center help page.

After signing up for the Merchant Center, click “Growth” and then “Manage programs”. You can then opt in to “surfaces across Google,” including the unpaid Google Shopping Ads.

Sounds a little complicated? Shopify users can take advantage of a more straightforward way.

Install the Google Shopping App by visiting the Shopify App Store. This app is integrated with Google Merchant Center and Google Ads and allows you to add your products easily.

You’ll then need to add your product feeds to your account so that your products are displayed. This process is straightforward and intuitive, just like most Google products.

Can I sell on Google outside the U.S.?

If you wish to sell your products on Google but outside the U.S.A., implementing this change will take a bit longer.

Google Shopping ads are currently accessible in the U.S. and will be available by April’s end. There is no date set for the international rollout. The company stated, “We hope to expand this globally by the end of the calendar year.”

Don’t be upset if you are selling outside the U.S. Use this time to prepare for the launch.

Will you benefit from this change? Have you used Google Shopping before? Share your experiences with other entrepreneurs.

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