The Truth About Homework Stuffing Envelope Scams

Everybody wants to work from home, and there are many opportunities. There are many ways to make thousands of dollars by simply stuffing envelopes. You have probably seen a lot of classified ads in your newspaper.

The job is the same: first, you pay a small set-up fee and then get paid for each envelope you fill. You get paid faster if you stuff more envelopes.

You can work from home by stuffing envelopes.

Can you work from home and stuff envelopes?

You can make money by stuffing envelopes. It doesn’t work that way in real life.

These ads don’t offer envelope stuffing jobs. They ask you to send them a letter with your starter kit, and they will tell you to spread the word and refer friends. When you con someone into giving you $10 (or whatever amount) for their “starter kits”, you aren’t stuffing envelopes.

Is there any legitimate work-at-home envelope stuffing job?

Let’s face it, no one in their right mind would pay a lot to stuff envelopes. It would be almost impossible to make a living at envelope stuffing if you could somehow land a job that paid $0.02-0.05 per envelope.

Avoid the “starter kits.”

Although most legitimate business opportunities require some financial investment, it is important to be cautious about any job requiring you to purchase a starter kit. You don’t need a starter set to learn how to stuff envelopes. Online opportunities that require you to purchase a starter kit are usually scams.

Beware of additional fees.

After they have your attention, these fraudsters love to charge you extra fees. These fees include processing fees, membership fees and disclosure fees. The excessive disclosure fees mean you’re paying them for information about their business model. This is particularly ridiculous when they’re “envelope stuffing”.

Fake Testimonials

These companies love to include testimonials on their websites and send reports showing people who may have taken advantage of these opportunities, earning thousands of dollars.

Do not believe everything you read.

It is easy to create great quotes about a product or business opportunity and post them online. It’s possible that the person quoted doesn’t exist. If they do, they are likely their mother or girlfriend trying to pull off a quick one.

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