The latest Conversion Rate Optimization Statistics for 2024

You may have spent time and money on the design of your landing pages, but you still receive low conversion rates when you launch.

You may be unsure about what conversion rates you should have and want a little push in the right direction.

This post includes the most important statistics on conversion rate optimization in several categories, including landing page stats, ecommerce stats, and general stats.

You can compare your conversion rates with those of thousands of other companies to see if you are doing well or need to work harder.

You can also tweak your campaign in multiple ways.

The average conversion rate for the industry is 2.9%

Ruler Analytics, a marketing automation company, conducted a study to determine conversion rates. It analyzed more than 100,000,000 data points in its global database.

The average conversion rate across all industries was only 2.9%.

Professional services have the highest conversion rate at 4.6%

According to a study by Ruler Analytics, the professional services industry has the highest conversion rates.

The next highest was industrial at 4,0%, followed by auto at 3,7%, legal at 3,4%, dental, cosmetics, and finance at 3.1%.

The B2B ecommerce industry has the lowest conversion rate at 1.8%

According to data from Ruler Analytics, the B2B ecommerce industry has the lowest average conversion rate.

The B2C sector, with a conversion rate of 2.1%, is followed by the agency industry (2.3%) and the B2B technology industry (2.3%).

The highest conversion rates are from direct traffic, with an average of 3.3%

Ruler Analytics studied and tested conversion rates from multiple sources, including direct, email, and organic search, as well as paid search, social media, referral, and social media.

Direct traffic converts the best, with an average conversion rate of 3.3%.

This is when the user manually types in your website’s address into their browser. It’s hard to track this traffic unless you create a unique short link per direct marketing campaign.

The industries with the highest conversion rates were healthcare (5.3%), cosmetics and dental (5.3%), industrial (5.0%) and legal (4.2%).

B2B sales averaged a CR of 2,1%, while B2B service had a CR of 2.7%.

The study also revealed that the conversion rate for campaigns based on forms was higher than for campaigns based on calls.

The average conversion rate for paid search is 3.2%

According to a study by Ruler Analytics on conversion rates, paid search converts at an average rate of 3.2% in all industries.

The highest rates were in the financial (5,2%), professional services (5,0%), agency (4,8%) and legal (4.3%) sectors.

The lowest rates were found in the B2B service (0.9%), tech (1.5%), ecommerce (1.7%), healthcare (1.9%), travel (1.7%), and B2B ecommerce (1.7%) industries.

The average conversion rate for referrals is 2.9%

According to Ruler Analytics, referral traffic converts at a rate of 2.9% on average.

The highest rates are found in the industries of cosmetics and dental (4.1%), B2B ecommerce (3.9%), financial (3.9%), health care (3.6%), legal (3.6%), and professional services (3.4%).

Referrals from travel (1%) were the lowest-converting industry. B2B Services (1.6%) was next, followed by B2B Services (1.9%) and B2B Tech (1.9%).

Search engine conversions average 2.7%

According to a study by Ruler Analytics, the average conversion rate of organic search across industries was 2.7%.

The highest percentages are found in the industries of professional services (5%), industrial (4%), automotive (4.0%), and legal (3.0%).

The lowest rates were found in the B2C services (1.0%), B2B online commerce (1.5%), agencies (1.5%), travel (1.7%), financial (2.2%), and real estate (2.2%) sectors.

Email campaigns average a conversion rate of 2.6%

Ruler Analytics’ study of 100 million data points found that the average conversion rate for email campaigns across industries is 2.6%.

The highest percentages were in the automobile (3,9%), real estate (3,5%), travel (3,3%), and cosmetic and Dental (3,0%) industries.

The B2C services (0.9%), the financial (1.9%), and the agency (1.9%) sectors had the lowest rates.

Email CRs were 2.5% for B2B ecommerce and 2.2% for B2B services.

The worst conversion rates are in social media, with an average of only 1.5%

According to Ruler Analytics, social media has the lowest conversion rates across all industries, with an average of just 1.5%.

The highest rates were found in the B2B services (2.4%), professional services (2.3%), travel (2.7%), healthcare (3.0%) and travel (2.7%).

The B2C services (0.1%), B2B technology (0.3%), and B2B electronic commerce (0.4%) sectors had the lowest rates.

A/B Testing landing page designs can increase conversions by 12 %

The services team at VWO worked with Ubisoft to improve conversions on the Buy Now page of their for Honor game.

VWO is an optimization platform that allows you to perform A/B testing on landing pages and mobile apps, analyze behavior, implement personalization techniques, and much more.

Ubisoft originally offered four editions of the game plus a Season Pass, which was available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The original design of the page required customers to:

Step 1. Select an edition.

Step 2: Choose a console.

Step 3. Click the button “Place Your Order”.

Heatmaps showed that users did not complete Step 2 because the image displaying each game version was so large.

VWO’s new landing page reduced scrolling using a design with two columns instead of just one.

Columns 1, 2, and 3 were visible without scrolling, and the Step 1 button was replaced by its menu-like original design.

The number of editions was also reduced from four to just three, but the season pass was retained.

Column 2 featured a table of prices that showed what each edition had to offer.

Ubisoft tested both pages in A/B format during the Holiday Season.

The control page saw a conversion rate median of 38.30%, while the variant had a conversion rate median of 50.27%. This represents an increase of 11.97% in conversions.

User-generated content boosts conversions by 8.5%

PowerReviews, a review software company, analyzed more than 1.5 million product pages from over 1,200 retailers.

The simple presence of UGC (user-generated content) increased conversions by 8.5% on product pages.

UGC includes customer reviews, images, videos, testimonials, and more.

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