The Best Christmas Gifts to Sell in 2022

The holiday season may be heating up, despite the cooling weather. We’ve got some great Christmas gift ideas for you to sell in your store.

We have compiled a list that will make excellent Christmas gifts. These products were chosen after reviewing 2022’s hottest products, conducting research to find trending products, and using our entrepreneurial knowledge.

We will explore the importance of preparing early for Christmas, which products to consider, and how to market them.

Prepare for the holiday season by thinking ahead.

The Christmas shopping period is the best time of year and the most considerable spending period. Christmas is the most crucial shopping season in many countries, such as the US, Canada, and Australia.

The holiday season in the US, which spanned from Black Friday until Christmas, reached $886.7 billion. While a large portion of the money spent was at physical stores, an astounding 204.5 billion were paid online.

You can see why retailers are looking for the best holiday gift ideas. The holidays mean sales. Here are some great products to give your customers’ family and friends.

Best Christmas Presents 2022

Necklaces personalizedIt’s no surprise that personalized necklaces have become a popular gift among shoppers.

These necklaces are trendy. If you look at Google Trends for the last two years, it is clear that searches for customized chains constantly increase in the months leading up to Christmas.

There are many different types of this product that you can sell. You could sell necklaces with initial pendants, personalized photos, and the script name necklace.

A custom pet necklace is another trendy customized necklace.

You can order a pendant with your pet’s picture engraved on it. These are perfect for animal lovers.

This product is so visually appealing that it can be advertised on sites like Instagram. You could target jewelry lovers, fashionistas, or pet lovers.

Cozy blankets

There’s no better way to stay warm than with a blanket on Christmas Eve.

Giving blankets as a Christmas gift may seem odd, but there are many reasons why they’re a good choice. The blankets are practical, durable, and available in many styles, including mermaid tails, chunky knitted, or burrito-print.

These considerations will help you convince customers that blankets are a great gift. Many people will consider buying a cozy blanket in December if search trends are anything to go by.

YouTube and video ads are great ways to showcase any unique features your blankets may have, like sleeves or pockets. Mention how your blankets can help your customers. They’re not only decorative but will keep them warm during winter.

Foil rose

It’s nice to receive flowers from your partner, but how about a rose that will never fade? That’s the next level.

The foil flowers have become popular and will continue to be so during the holiday shopping season when people look for gifts for their significant others.

Many of the sellers on AliExpress also know the importance of presentation. Each rose is packaged in a beautiful box to protect the product during shipping and looks great.

You can cleverly market the product by using social media influencers who create posts that make people jealous about getting it as a present from their partners. Facebook and Instagram can be good places to advertise. Be sure to target couples.


Furniture is essential during Christmas because it’s a time for celebrations and family gatherings. Couches and sofas can be damaged by spills, dirt, children, and pets. Slipcovers are a wonderful Christmas gift.

Slipcovers are a great way to protect your sofas and loveseats. You can sell slipcovers made from cotton, wool, or spandex online. Promote your product on home decor or organization pages once you have chosen it.

Try collaborating with interior designers or partnering up to promote new products to their clients. People are more likely to buy a product recommended by a reliable source.

Consider segmenting your products based on furniture. For example, promote slipcovers to cover sofas, home office chairs, etc.

Flying UFO helicopter toys

Christmas is always a particular time, but it becomes even more so when surrounded by children. It makes sense for you to get involved in the Christmas gift-giving frenzy. Parents spend a lot of money on their kids’ gifts. Some great gift ideas are action figures, flying helicopters, and inflatable toys.

Toys that fly UFO helicopters have been trendy in recent years. They could also be popular during the Christmas season.

This is a fun item that the entire family can use. It’s easy to advertise it on Facebook or Pinterest. You can also market it on YouTube, a great way to reach children who can influence parents’ buying.

Bracelets for couples

Jewelry can be an excellent gift to give during the holiday season.

The bracelets for couples are a popular product that would be an excellent item to sell during the holidays. There are many styles to choose from, so you can create your own gift set.

Facebook ads can be used to market these products to people in a relationship or married. Depending on the type you sell, you could also market the bracelets as gifts for siblings or best friends.

Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is a great idea to sell at Christmas. A hot coffee on a cold Christmas morning can bring warmth and happiness. Who wouldn’t like seeing their loved ones enjoy this warmth and joy?

Coffee makers also sell consistently in general. Google Trends shows that interest in coffee machines peaks each winter.

You can choose from various coffee makers, so finding one that suits your shop should be easy. Offer a coffee mug for free to make the sale more attractive. Coffee mugs can be easily sourced and complement coffee machines perfectly.

Advertising on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook is a great way to reach coffee lovers. Marketing can be done with a high-quality, well-composed image. However, promoting it in the video is advisable if you have a coffee machine with unique features, such as multiple cup settings or removable parts.

Men’s watches

Watches are a big seller for dropshipping. At the moment, men’s watches are trendy. Watches are a popular gift throughout the year. However, the Christmas season is the best time to promote them.

You can satisfy all kinds of customers with the wide variety available. Sell essential watches to those who need a timepiece for practical reasons, stylish watches to those who like to look good, and watches with special features for tech-savvy or health-conscious customers.

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