The Advanced Content Curation Guide

This strategy has helped me supercharge my career. I am ready to reveal the secret.

Siege Media would not exist without content curation. It sounds strange. Let me explain.

As I struggled to get my first jobs done, I realized that building my brand and my expertise would be of great value over the long term.

I spent almost every night and weekend searching for great marketing content to share on Twitter.

That’s what I did. Day after day. Month after month. Guess what happened? Growth.

Sharing content allowed me to form relationships with influential people, helped increase the number of followers I had on Twitter, and, ultimately, more people consumed my content.

It was through this platform that I received several job offers, speaking engagements, and column opportunities that led to freelance clients and referrals. All of this culminated in me starting my own business.

We are a marketing company with more than 100 employees. We help some of the largest brands in the world to grow their online presence.

This wouldn’t have been possible without curation. This simple concept explains the power of this strategy.

Here I am to share with you the secrets of the trade. Here’s all you need to create an effective content curation strategy, from best practices to tools.

What is content curation?

Curation of content is a process of organizing and presenting external content in a meaningful, new way. This could look something like:

Twittering relevant news articles outside your brand.

Email newsletter highlighting industry trends.

Create a roundup with quotes from experts in the industry.

Share relevant social media posts with your audience.

However, content curation is not just about sharing external information.

Content curation can add value when done correctly. It presents information or context that the reader would not have known otherwise — or shares it in a manner that makes it more fun or easier to consume.

Why Curate Content?

In the beginning, I was drawn to curation not only because it would help me build relationships but also because I understood the challenges of creating unique and high-quality content.

It’s nearly impossible to produce high-quality blogs at scale. Blogs are getting longer and take more time every year.

Content curation is an alternative – a more effective way to create content.

Nearly a quarter share news and trends, and 41% of bloggers use roundups as part of their strategy.

While marketers still find content curation important, and it is generally easier to implement than creating content from scratch, properly executing the content curation process can be challenging. Finding content that others haven’t shared is difficult.

This guide will assist you in solving the problem.

Five Tips for Effective Content Curation

Sharing new content is one of the most difficult challenges in content curation.

Content sharing will be a major factor for companies like Hubspot and MOZ. Do you remember that article from inbound marketing you wanted to share? Most likely, your followers have already seen it.

Try to avoid locations that only share content that is relevant for your audience 10%-20% of the time.

This type of content is not always relevant, but when it does, it resonates with your audience because it is fresh, new, and undiscovered by them. They are less willing to look for content in the 10-20% of less obvious places.

It’s true that while it may not be the most direct application to the Pareto Principle concept, it will still drive nearly 80% – and sometimes even more – of your results.

Example of 10-20% content location for me and why

Hacker News: Although primarily aimed at entrepreneurs, employees, and engineers of startups, Hacker News may still display relevant content or SEO-driven stories from time to time.

Product Hunt: A resource that allows you to find interesting and new tools easily and easily. Some of these may be applicable to our industry.

Sourced content can be enhanced to add value.

The value of a tweeting article is not added by simply pressing “Tweet.” Reposting an infographic does not add value.

The content is made better by great curation — either through highlighting the content differently or adding a new creative component that makes it more interesting and shareable.

What can you do to add value?

Marketing to Increase Visibility: While many content producers create great content, they often miss out on some basic marketing principles that curators could improve when sharing. You can add value by creating an engaging title, posting at the right time, or restructuring your post so that it is more scannable.

Create a conversation by adding unique comments: In the same vein as adding your thoughts, you can also add value to content sharing. As a rule, you should delete the default text provided by the “Share” buttons and then replace it with your brand voice.

Enhance the Content with Design/Development One of the best ways to increase value is to improve design elements in your content curation. Images and videos can help increase engagement, which will encourage others to share the post.

Impress Original Creators

A curative piece that is optimal not only provides value but also helps to build a stronger relationship with the creator.

You can increase the chances that the creator will share your content or even follow your brand. This will improve your content distribution over time.

You’ll probably gain very little benefit if they are not impressed and you use a formulaic post that they have seen before.

How can we make curated content more appealing to influencers?

Notify them: This should be obvious, but is often overlooked. You will not benefit from a deeper relationship if they never find your content. This can be done via email or the social network you use to share your content.

Show Significant Traffic to the Creator: Create a post roundup that sends traffic for eternity, or if your tweet gets 20 retweets, you will have a friend for life.

Share Their Content Uniquely and Impressively: They won’t notice your business if you use the same text as the share buttons or if you put their content on a Friday “links” post without adding anything else. If you use their content to create an interactive piece that ranks highly, they are likely to pay attention.

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