Simple, effective video marketing strategies for small businesses

Imagine if a picture can speak a thousand words. Now imagine what video marketing can do for your small business. Here are some small business video marketing tips.

Small businesses are competing for attention in a crowded digital marketplace. You need more than reach your ideal customers at the right moment. Being present in all the right places, wherever and whenever possible is essential.

It is estimated that 82% will be video traffic by 2022. We’ll skip the lecture on how important video is in small business video marketing strategies. You’ve probably heard the phrase “pivot-to-video” from almost every platform and publisher. Do you still need to figure out how to create a video for your company?

Spoiler alert: Your marketing agency, mom-and-pop restaurant, or at-home business can produce videos without having to use expensive production studios. Vimeo Create was built to empower expression and democratize video creation, regardless of whether you are a video wizard or not.

This means that video marketing is not a pipe dream. You can actually create a compelling video marketing strategy using just three types of videos. Discover how to create a solid foundation for your small business and a variety of video marketing strategies.

Video marketing is essential for small businesses

With a tenth the budget, small businesses can compete with giants in their field. Video marketing can extend the life of creative assets. It turns b-roll into an endless supply of new ad formats, from organic to paid.

Explainer videos: The one where you introduce

According to research, 62% of businesses have created their own explainer videos. This makes them an important asset for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), promoting their brand to the rest of the world. This video could be a gateway for your potential customers to find out about your products and services.

Video is the best way to show off your business and yourself. People like to work with real people. Your videos should reflect you. Let your customers know who and what you are. This is the perfect place to show your personality. Your personality as a small business owner will be displayed. You can also build rapport with viewers by sharing your “why”, and the origin story of your superhero.

Another question you should ask is: How does your SMB make the world a better environment? Take Wild West Diner, Montana. They continue to work with local ranchers to feed their rural communities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

We discover why Wild West Diner is loved by their community in just a few minutes. Their mission statement? “Kindness is important.” 

Lupii is another explainer video that does more in a shorter time. You will learn a few things about their brand in just eight seconds. They sell plant-based protein bites with six natural ingredients. Their brand is fun and distinctive, with a distinct visual style. They direct you to a website that will allow you to try their bars.

Explainers and product how-tos should be 60 seconds long. Consider which channels your explainer videos will be distributed on. They can easily be repurposed for many marketing channels (ideal for Instagram Stories and mobile Facebook ads).

How to create an explainer video

Practice your elevator pitch. What should a stranger know about your product or business?

Make your videos more dynamic by using free stock videos and photography. ( Stock footage is a big step up, baby.

Even if you work in tech, avoid jargon and buzzwords. Are you short on time or budget? You can go low-fi by creating a screencast with a tool such as Vimeo Record. Here you can easily walk through your offerings in an easy, no-frills manner.

Videos of subject matter experts (SMEs): The one that lets you brag a bit 

A must-have video in your business marketing arsenal? It will show your expertise in your field. It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up, a small law firm, or a new restaurant chain. Establishing that you know your subject matter is important.

Videos of subject matter experts (SMEs) are essentially one big flex. However, they rely on your genuine communication with your customers and community. People want to trust and use products and services that they love, and they are eager to learn from other entrepreneurs.

You don’t need to be a founder of a company to make SME videos. There are many ways to show your expertise, including tutorials, webinars, and classes. Different industries will have different authority models, so make sure you include the SME video in any marketing library.

These assets should be able to highlight your achievements in one minute or less. This Supermarket clip is a 30-second video that highlights Jaime Schmidt, the founder of Schmidt’s Natural deodorant fame. It also features Schmidt’s personal insight into building a business.

How to start an SME video

List all of your achievements. What is the most unique thing that makes you stand out from your competition? This is your chance to make a statement.

If possible, use a b-roll or candid footage. This will make your images feel more natural and humane than static imagery.

Experiment with other video formats. You can use the SME video to help others learn from you.

Testimonial videos – The ones where your customers brag about how great you are

People read Amazon reviews before making a purchase. Testimonials, which are a standard for many SMB websites and pitch decks, are a natural extension of that principle.

Let’s face facts: a boilerplate text blurb is only able to do so much. Video allows clients to give their testimonials a more personal touch, making them much more interesting and authentic. Explorations of the business’s value.

It doesn’t matter if you are B2B or C2C. Using your business to solve problems is an effective way to close deals. You have two options: you can create many testimonials for a single product or you can be more specific and just one testimonial for all your offerings. Video will make your testimonials stand apart, no matter what approach you choose.

Depending on the industry you work in, you may be able to leverage customer success stories and product reviews or provide peer-to-peer feedback. This is applicable to many SMBs, from creatives who use testimonials to nurture leads to ecommerce companies that share stellar reviews about their latest product release.

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