Print-on-Demand Made Simple: Teespring Alternatives & Compatriots For 2023

Are you wondering if there is a better solution to print-on-demand for your requirements? Are you looking for the best Teespring alternative on the market today? We’ve got you covered.

This post will show you ten alternatives to Teespring that can help your print-on-demand business.

Print-on-demand marketplaces, standalone platforms, and print-on-demand fulfillment services are all included.


Spreadshop offers the best Teespring alternatives for YouTubers. It provides the same print-on-demand fulfillment service as Teespring. You can also create your own brand-specific merch store page and integrate it with YouTube.

Spreadshop is among the three platforms that support YouTube’s Merch Shelf feature. (Teespring, for example, is also supported). The merch shelves feature allows creators to advertise their Spreadshop-branded merch via their YouTube channel or videos in order to drive sales through the platform.

It’s easy to earn money if you have more than 10k subscribers.

Go to your YouTube Studio and click Monetization> Products> Spreadshop. Sign up for Spreadshop and create your first item. Then, set up your shop.

Once approved, you can begin adding products to the YouTube merch section. These will appear to viewers below your videos. Spreadshop will fulfill the order and pay you when it is completed.

You can choose from hundreds of products, including custom tee shirts and home decor. Ten currencies and languages are supported, allowing you to sell worldwide. The designs are printed onto high-quality, top-brand products. You can also receive a sample of the product for free to check out its quality.

Spreadshop is still worth checking out, even if you’re a non-YouTuber or not eligible for the Merch Shelf Program. Spreadshop is a fantastic print-on-demand site for all types of creators.

Spreadshop is completely free and does not charge any fees or subscriptions. Spreadshop subtracts the base price from your retail prices to take their cut. Spreadshop takes an amount of the base product price, and you keep all remaining profit.


The Redbubble marketplace is also a popular print-on-demand marketplace. It is a popular print-on-demand marketplace that attracts millions of buyers each month who are looking for unique products created by independent artists. This makes it an excellent alternative to Teespring for designers without a large audience.

Teespring does not get much organic traffic. It’s not a “true” print-on-demand marketplace, but more like a POD Storefront Builder. So, the chances that people will browse through designer designs and find your products are slim to none. You must work hard and generate your sales.

It’s fine if you are an influencer with a large audience. You can send your fans to the Teespring store. But this isn’t the case for many designers.

Listing your products on an online marketplace that has organic traffic is a great way to increase sales if you are one of many designers without a lot of fans and a big marketing budget.

Redbubble is a popular platform for people to buy merchandise. As long as you have your designs visible, you will reach potential clients.

Sign up for Redbubble and upload your designs onto products in your shop to tap into the huge global audience of Redbubble.

Your designs will be discovered by customers browsing the website. If they like them, they will buy them. Redbubble takes care of everything else. They will handle fulfillment, print orders, and ship directly to customers. Easy!

What’s the downside? The platform is more geared toward high-volume sellers. The fees are too high for smaller shops and new users.

Redbubble is free to use. As part of the base rate, they take a cut of your sales. You can also get a percentage of your profit if you have a standard account. You can set your margins.

Merch by Amazon

Merchandise by Amazon Amazon’s print-on-demand program Amazon’s marketplace is a great Amazon that sells custom-made products and digital products.

The best part about selling on Merch by Amazon is the reach. Amazon is the largest online shopping website in the world, accounting for nearly half of all US ecommerce sales. Listing your POD product on Amazon is a great way to reach new customers.

Upload your artwork, select your product type, customize it, and then add your description. Amazon will create your product page, and when a client makes a purchase, they’ll take care of production and customer service, and You will receive a royalty for each product sold.

Fast shipping is another great aspect of selling on Amazon. Prime Shipping is available on all Merch by Amazon items, so customers can receive their orders fast no matter where they live.

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