Payhip Review: A Complete Online Selling Solution?

How good is Payhip? It’s a simple platform that has all the tools needed to sell online.

This post will explore this question.

Payhip will be explained in detail. You can then watch me as I test out all the key features.

Payhip has many pros and cons. Finally, I will wrap up my final thoughts.

What is Payhip

Payhip offers a simple, all-in-one ecommerce platform. Over 130,000 users make it a popular platform for new sellers.

Payhip allows you to create your online store and website. Use it to sell digital products such as downloads, online classes, coaching, memberships, and physical inventory.

Payhip is a platform that caters to small businesses and creators. Its feature set reflects this.

The software comes with a number of features that make e-commerce easier, such as automatic tax and VAT collection, a no-code website creator, dozens of pre-built themes, built-in marketing tools, etc.

This is also one of only a few ecommerce platforms that offers a full plan for free, with all features available and no revenue caps. It’s also a great option for newbies and startups with limited funds.

Payhip’s user-friendliness is one of its best features.

You’ll see a wizard when you sign up for Payhip and log in. It will guide you step-by-step through the process of setting up your store.

Let’s begin by adding your products.

Click the Add a new product button in the setup wizard or the Products link at the top of the page to begin.

Digital Products

You can sell six different types of products with Payhip. Ebooks, software, photos, etc. Courses, Memberships, and Physical Products.

Upload the file to add a digital item. Enter the product name, description, and price.

Payhip supports multiple currencies so that you can sell to your customers in the currency they prefer.

It also allows you to set a price based on what your customers want to pay. Instead of entering a fixed rate, you can enter the number 0+ to enable your customers to choose what they wish to pay.

You can add cover media below the price box. Upload up to nine images, videos, or audio files per product listing.

This is the basis of it. If you wish, you can click the Advanced option to make some changes before publishing your Product in your store.

You can add different product variants (e.g., different sizes, versions, etc. Make a product exempt from tax, limit sales, etc.

You can tick the Create unique license keys for every sale to give your customers a license code for the installation.

Click Add Product to publish the Product in your store. Payhip will create a product page automatically for you. You can then share the link and begin selling.

This is what the default product pages look like:

It’s clean and simple, but it can be a bit boring. You can customize your store’s look, as we will see later.

Let’s first look at what else you can do with the Products tool.

Course creator

Payhip comes with a built-in course creator that you can use to build eLearning courses.

Go back to Product> New Product and select Course.

The next step is to create your course structure by adding sections and Lessons. Lessons are classes that are part of a module.

Click the key icon to make each Lesson a prerequisite. Students must finish the Lesson before moving on to the next.

Click on other icons to enable discussion (so students may comment on the Lesson) and free previews. (so visitors can view your Lesson as part of a course preview).

You can now add content to the lessons you have created. Click on the Lesson that you wish to edit. Enter a title, and then select the lesson type. Video, text, assignment, survey, quiz, etc.)

Then, you can add content by adding videos/downloads or text or selecting survey/quiz questions and answers. Click Publish Lesson, and then Save Changes.

The tabs on the top of the screen allow you to manage your learners and customize your course pages. You can also set your pricing and create drip schedules, certificates, and other features.


You can create membership products in addition to courses and digital downloads.

You can create content that is exclusive to members and hide it behind a paywall so visitors must subscribe in order to access the content.

Start by going to Product> Create a new product> Membership. Choose a title for the Product.

Click + New Post after that to create your content for members only. You can create a variety of posts, such as videos, images, polls, and text posts.

After you have created your content, click on the Price tab to configure your payment options.

You can sell the access to a one-time payment. You can also charge recurring payments with custom billing intervals. Offer a payment plan or give free access.

The Members tab allows you to manage and share your updates with members.

Physical Products

You can add physical products to your Payhip store in the same manner as digital products.

You can now also track physical products. You can also add SKUs and specify the weight of products (for shipping calculations).

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