How to sell on Amazon in 2023: Selling on AMAZON Guide

Want to know how to sell on Amazon? First, you need to sync Amazon with Shopify. Shopify, an official Amazon partner, allows entrepreneurs to sell their products on Shopify. Amazon can be used as an extra sales channel to increase your revenue.

This article will teach you how to sell on Amazon. We will discuss the advantages of listing your products on Amazon, share some tricks to maximize sales, and debunk a few myths about Amazon selling for beginners.

Why you should sell your products on Amazon

The largest online sales channelAmazon is by far the most prominent online sales channel available to an online retailer. Amazon is a powerful site with nearly 2 million active sellers.

Amazon is the first place shoppers will look for bestsellers. It’s no wonder 89 % of them said they were more likely to purchase items on Amazon than other ecommerce websites. This massive online store offers millions of products across many categories.

Do not be discouraged by the competition. Start an Amazon business to be near your customers. Keep your competitors from taking your sales.

Amazon is a brand you can trust

Amazon is a recognized and trusted brand. It was founded back in 1994. It has built relationships and trusts for nearly 30 years. Customers may be more comfortable buying from Amazon if your store is relatively new and needs a brand name.

You can create a strong brand and reputation by selling your products through Amazon. Customers who regularly buy from you will eventually purchase directly from your shop.

Many people have accounts

Amazon is a popular website with millions of users. There are 150,000,000 Amazon Prime subscribers in the US. Amazon Prime users spend an average of $1400 annually on Amazon products.

Amazon is the leader in e-commerce. Amazon Prime members are more likely to search for products on Amazon, as they enjoy unique benefits.

Where your customers are is essential. Selling products on Amazon can be worthwhile if your primary audience is in the US.

Minimum fee

Amazon has no listing fees if you sell as a consumer and not a merchant. Add as many products as you want to your Amazon store. You’ll have to pay $39.99 monthly for an Amazon Pro Merchant Account, plus a percentage of sales. The selling fee may seem minimal if you sell many items on Amazon.

Proven Success Model

Amazon has been a powerful platform for many people who have sold things. Amazon is the platform where 0.3% of Amazon’s sellers earn over $100 million, and 0.6% make more than $50 million. It may not seem like much, but $100,000,000 is a large amount of money to make from just one channel. Amazon sellers are a very successful group. 51% earn over $100,000 per year. You can also be an Amazon success with the right price and consistent effort.

Amazon’s Marketplace is too crowded

There are still opportunities for businesses like yours to earn money on Amazon.

A potential Amazon client may choose your product instead of a competitor’s or a supplier’s, even if they can’t match the price.

Don’t add barriers. Even if you make only an extra $10,000 by selling on Amazon, you still have more money than you would if you avoided it.

Set it and forget about it

Entrepreneurs often think that marketplaces will lead to people discovering your products themselves. It is essential to generate sales early on.

Add high-quality photos and descriptions to the product detail pages. Include details your customers will find helpful, like shipping options and return policies. Add customer reviews or a section with “customer questions” and answers to enhance the shopping experience.

After you have generated some sales and positive reviews, it will be easier to be discovered organically. You’ll also get the Amazon Buy Box, a section of Add to Cart that allows customers to make quick purchases.

Organic traffic is not available for new products

New Products Can Get Organic Traffic if Your Product Listings are Well Optimized.

It is essential to write an optimized title for your product, use the keywords within the description and add high-quality images following Amazon’s Terms of Service.

If you do these things correctly, your search engine results will be improved. This means that your products will receive more organic traffic.

Select what you want to sell on Amazon

To learn how to sell on Amazon, you must first decide what to sell. You can use Helium 10 to get ideas for products.

This tool offers thousands of products in various categories. Look at the product list for ideas on what you could sell on Amazon.

Meeting the requirements of the company

You must meet Amazon’s requirements to become a seller.

Amazon businesses can be started in niches like baby products, pet supplies, toys and games, and books. Restricted items such as hoverboards and explosives are not allowed on the site.

Create a professional seller’s account

You’ll need an Amazon professional account to operate a Shopify store.

Sign up for an individual or professional plan at Amazon Seller Central.

A 99C/ fee for every product sold is added to the individual plan. A professional plan costs $39.99 per month plus a few category-related fees.

Register to Amazon Seller Central and enter your name, email address, and password.

You’ll then need to provide your business information.

You’ll then provide Amazon with your business’s billing, tax, and product information.

Request category approval

You’ll have to submit a category approval request when you begin the selling process on Amazon. Amazon must approve some categories before they can be included.

Approval is required before selling popular categories like Clothing & Accessories, Shoes, Handbags & Sunglasses, and Jewelry.

Connect your Amazon account with your Shopify account

Connect your Amazon Seller account to Shopify after receiving Amazon approval. Click on the + button next to Sales Channels in the left navigation menu of the Shopify dashboard.

Amazon will be listed at the top of the pop-up. Click Add Channel.

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