Hot Dropshipping Niche with Huge Money-Making Potential

Choosing what to sell is a daunting task. It’s essential not to choose the wrong product but also to select something you are confident about selling. Choose a product that is in style or one with longevity. What’s more important, a cheap item or an expensive one?

We can help you if you struggle to get your footing in the Dropshipping Market.

We’ve analyzed our latest data and found that the five top categories for merchants generated the highest revenue (or “merchant GMV”) between September 1, 2019, and November 18, 2019.

From there, we dug deeper to find the top five niches in each category to produce a list of 25 places. There is a lot of potential in the market right now.

This list will help you find the products to enhance your Black Thursday campaign. Let’s start.

What is a niche?

Are you new to dropshipping? Do not know what a “niche” is. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Dropshipping niches are a more focused section within a larger category. Pet products are a specific niche in the Home and Garden category. Necklaces are a particular niche within Jewelry.

By focusing on a niche, you will be able to get to know the people who are most likely going for your product or service – your market niche. You may even be able to tap into a market niche that is currently underserved. This could give you many opportunities. This list will help you to choose the right place for your smaller audience.

Home & Garden

Dropshipping merchants made the most money between September 1 and November 18. Home & Garden generated almost 54 percent more revenue for merchants than the next category, Jewelry & Accessories.

Home & Garden doesn’t have the most orders – that honor belongs to Jewelry & Accessories – but it does show that the products sold in this category tend to be more expensive than those of other categories.

Pet Products

Pet Products topped the list and made more money than all other niches. No surprise people are spending more money on pets. This trend does not seem to be going away. The global pet market will reach almost 270 billion dollars by 2025. There’s a whole lot of kibbles to be won.

Kitchen, Dining & Bar

The next niche targeted in 2020 is the Kitchen, Dining, and bar. It can be used to sell kitchen equipment online and make a monthly profit. This niche’s most popular products include knives and food storage solutions. However, novelty items like a self-stirring mug are also trendy. It’s worth keeping in mind when we start the holiday season.

The winner in this category is a multi-function can opener.

Home Textile

Sofa covers were not on my list of expected bestsellers in the Home Textile niche. There is an excellent demand for chair and sofa covers, and they have generated a lot of money for dropshipping retailers over the past few months. Also on the list were memory foam pillows, cushions, and an amusing-looking travel pillow.

Festive & Party Supplies

Halloween products dominated the niche. The most popular item in this niche was the giant decorative spider, but many other things, such as foil-plated flowers, also generated significant revenue.

Housekeeping & Organization

Microwave cleaners, brooms, and gloves were popular from September to November. These items may not look super stylish, but they are efficient. That’s what makes them popular.

Jewelry & Accessories

Jewelry & Accessories is a category that you will always find in the Jewelry & Accessories section. One of the highest earning categories Between September 1 and November 18, it was the second-highest revenue generator for dropshipping retailers.

This category is less profitable than Home & Garden but sells more products, indicating it’s trendy.

Necklaces & Pendants

The fact that many products are available and can be purchased reasonably from suppliers is likely to explain why this niche has performed well for so long.

Some of the most popular necklaces had pendants with obvious unique selling points, such as star signs or name necklaces. Others featured sweet messages and were perfect gifts for friends or partners.

Bracelets and Bangles

Bracelets and Bangles are the next most popular niche after necklaces. The last few months have seen many popular items, such as those with colorful charms and stones or bracelets in pairs, perfect for couples.

Jewellery Sets & More

There are a lot of products in this niche, from the usual necklaces and bracelets to novelty pins and keychains. There’s something for everyone; many products would make significant impulse purchases.


Rings are a popular niche that can be quickly sold for more than they cost. Think 200-800% more. Rings are small, inexpensive, and can be used to cross-sell with complementary products.

Wedding & Engagement Jewelry

This niche is dominated by items with romantic messages, the classic “diamond” engagement rings (read: cubic Zirconia), and cute rose motifs. This niche features Jewelry with romantic messages and the traditional “diamond engagement rings” (read: Cubic Zirconia). It also includes cute rose-themed items.

Beauty & Health

With the beauty industry worth Over $532 billion, It’s not hard to see why Beauty and health is the third highest earning category for dropshipping vendors. The products in this category are often quite expensive, especially if they solve everyday problems.

Health Care

Healthcare is the most lucrative niche in this sector. The top-selling products were anti-snore clips, slimming patches, posture correctors, and muscle stimulators.

Skin Care

Skincare can be a lucrative niche for many. This niche offers many products addressing people’s primary concerns, from blemishes to aging. The top sellers in the past few weeks have been pore vacuums, a wrinkle, and Acne Laser Remover.

Hair Care and Styling

The third largest niche in this category shows that many people are willing to spend a lot to keep their hair healthy and looking good. Looking at the most popular items in this category, it is clear that hair care goes beyond ponytail holders and clips. Ionic hairbrushes, volumizing combs, and temporary hair dye are all very popular.

Beauty Essentials

If you’re wondering what makes up a “beauty necessity,” the answer is makeup and false eyelashes. These items would be perfect to demonstrate in video demonstrations, show their effectiveness, or sell using influencers.

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