GiveWP donation plugin: Valid Reasons to Use it for Fundraising

You want to support donations through your website, but you don’t know which WordPress donation plugins to use. In that case, the GiveWP plugin is what I recommend. Why the GiveWP donation plugin? What makes it special?

It is because of the many features that the plugin has to offer. This is a great WordPress plugin for global online fundraising. It was a great tool to help the victims of the floods in 2022.

It is easy to use. You can create donation forms according to your needs, receive insightful reports, and manage fundraisers. It offers much more, as I will reveal in the following paragraphs. Let’s start.

GiveWP Donation Plugin – An Overview

GiveWP, as stated above, is a popular WordPress plugin that allows you to manage fundraising campaigns on your website easily. The plugin will automate all tasks, so you don’t need to perform any manually.

I like that it allows for multiple payment getaways. Anyone can take part in the fundraiser. You can also choose how you display the donation form. Create a page or pop-up, or set up a simple button.

Users can also create an automatic schedule of donations. There’s a solution, for example, if a person donates a certain amount each month but doesn’t wish to repeat the process next time. They can schedule payment for the following month.

The plugin also allows the person who donates to fundraise on your behalf. You can also control your data by importing and exporting data at any time.

Doesn’t this seem to be the best plugin for raising funds? You are right, but it is still best to read all the information about features and pricing before making a decision. You can then be sure you are investing in the correct plugin.

Best Features Of GiveWP Donation Plugin

Here are some of the most important features of the GiveWP plugin. I will discuss the most crucial feature: GiveWP’s pricing plans. We’ll then move on to the next question: do you really need the GiveWP plugin?

Worldwide Donation

People who are fundraising often find that they do not receive donations from Worldwide. This can be due to a variety of reasons. The payment gateway may not work, or the links to the donation pages can be problematic.

The result is always a lack of donations. This won’t occur if you install the GiveWP plugin. It allows for several payment options and lets you create donation forms that are easily embedded in your website.

Easy to Use

What else? The GiveWP plugin has a simple interface. The settings are easy to understand; there’s nothing complicated about them. Download the plugin and set it up on your website. Create donation forms, buttons, or pop-up notifications.

It is easy to add the GiveWP Custom Fields or design forms. The name of the plugin and its main settings will appear on your WordPress dashboard after you download it. You can choose the options and settings to create a simple or advanced form.

Custom Donation Forms

You are completely mistaken if you believe that coding is required to customize the forms. The plugin allows anyone to customize donation forms without any advanced knowledge of programming language.

On the dashboard, you’ll find all the options, such as how to add a donation button, fonts, and styles or whether the text should be on the left or the right. The plugin will automatically create the form if you select the appropriate options.

Donor Management

It’s safe to say the GiveWP plugin will help you save money on hiring an assistant. You might not be aware, but social welfare and NGOs keep track of donors and their funds. They hire people to do this work most of the time.

GiveWP makes it easy to track all transactions and donors. You can view all the details of donors, such as their names, contact info, etc.

History of Donations

You can keep track of your donations and all previous fundraising campaigns. The plugin gives you detailed reports on each campaign. All data is represented in charts that help you to see the information.

These charts can help anyone get a better idea of the number of donations that they have received from a fundraising campaign. How many contributions are pending, what payment methods have donors chosen to use, etc.?

GiveWP Payment Gateways

This plugin is compatible with many popular payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and This feature allows donors the option to make donations securely using their preferred payment method.

Twilio and Stripe also power the text-to-give donation feature. The donors can send donations by text message. There is no need to install a separate app on your smartphone.

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