Examples of Thank You Pages to Improve User Experience

Thank you. Pages are what you want to leave with a visitor before they leave.

These are often the last opportunities to engage visitors on your website and give them a positive impression of their experience.

HubSpot offers hundreds of website themes and templates.

As with any website, page design, layout, and copy are all important factors to consider.

Check out these examples for inspiration if you are struggling to create a thank-you page that works well with your website visitors and goals.

What is a Thank You Page?

After completing the form or purchasing on your website, your customers will be redirected immediately to a thank you page.

Its main purpose is to acknowledge a website visitor’s actions, whether it’s a sale, a signup, or a request for information.

The thank-you page performs a similar role to an email confirmation, but viewers do not have to open it.

Consider a Thank You Page as the final step of your conversion process and also the first step to customer retention.

The thank-you page is a great opportunity to convert a lead into an actual customer or a regular customer into a brand ambassador. What is the best way to achieve this? The next step in the user or buyer journey is.

What are the benefits of a Thank You page?

Imagine this: There may be no easier or more natural way to surprise a client with something that is exactly what they are looking for.

How can you tell what your customers want? You just got the exact answer you were looking for by having them click on a CTA.

Before they click away, guide them to the next step in their journey after someone has clicked on the CTA. Show your customers that you are ready to provide value again and again.

Use the thank-you page to provide additional content or resources. This will help build trust with your customers and increase their satisfaction.

You can also use the form thank-you page to inform leads of the next steps. The thank you page could list alternative social media resources if the information is downloaded from the Social Media Calendar ebook.

Fill out the Contact Form

Remind your customers what you’ll (and will not) do with the information they provide. Let them know that you are on their side.

Tell them you are interested in providing value and that you won’t email them for no reason. Take the time to tell them what they can expect when you speak with them and what you can do for them.

You have a great opportunity to show consumers that your brand is unique, even before they see your message in their email.

Rocket Agency is doing a great job reinforcing its brand, offering other offers, and highlighting the achievements of previous clients on its Thank You page for the Contact Us form.

The page seamlessly blends and matches valuable offers, such as a digital marketing manual and their ongoing podcast, with social proof, including award wins, partner logos, and customer testimonials.

The best part is that they give their direct number to visitors who want a quicker touchpoint.

Resource Download Thank You Pages

You likely have an ebook or another lead generation download sent automatically by email. It’s best to include a link to download the originally requested item on your thank-you page.

It can help keep customers engaged and encourage them to open and interact with your materials immediately. This gives you an opportunity to nurture them in order to achieve a conversion with a higher intent on your site.

Combining a content download with your subscription process will allow you to continue nurturing your leads.

Smart passive income will do exactly that before leading you to the thank-you page, where you can download the resource.

The Thank You page welcomes you to the community and encourages trust. Users can personalize their content preferences based on their greatest challenges, download relevant resources, and view upcoming events.

The page also contains an offer to buy a pass that gives you access to all of Smart Passive Income’s training materials.

Buy Confirmation Pages

It is easy to overlook the opportunity of surfacing similar, related, or complementary products on the post-sale page.

You can increase the effectiveness of these recommendations by customizing them with an offer that aligns — like a coupon or rewards program.

The confirmation page can be a great place to encourage a free account. Customers may have the option to create an account, but they also have the choice of checking out as guests.

Few companies can collect, store, and use customer data at the scale Amazon does.

The quality of the information and the company’s virtually limitless number of products and store listings make the confirmation page for the purchase incredibly effective. (And, as a customer, it’s hard to resist).

Amazon uses its thank-you page frequently to encourage users to purchase related products or to drive them to other Amazon Prime offerings.

Appointments and reservations

The thank-you page is a great way to continue the conversation after someone has signed up for an upcoming appointment.

Encourage viewers to engage or follow your organization via social media. This is the next logical step.

Your followers on social media will be reminded of your brand and any offers or specials you may have. This is great for businesses that rely on repeat business.

OpenTable encourages users to download an app after they have made an appointment so that they can track changes and make them from the app.

You will also find helpful information about the restaurant before you arrive.

Account Creation Thank You Pages

This is an excellent opportunity to seamlessly integrate your lead into your account setup or onboarding process.

Make it so simple that they won’t even consider clicking away.

The thank-you page for creating an account is a great way to help your new users move along in their customer lifecycle. It can also increase retention.

Offer resources that will help them navigate your platform or product. Or provide prompts for the complete account setup.

Backlinko is a company that goes beyond the call of duty in providing its leads with a detailed plan.

The messaging on their page is infused with urgency but also friendly and approachable.

Donation Thank You Pages

Donors don’t buy products in the way that most customers do, but they are undoubtedly seeking some form of affirmation, appreciation, or reassurance.

Or, at least, some confirmation that the contribution they make is having a positive effect and being well-spent.

Use the thank-you page for nonprofits, political campaigns, and other sites that solicit donations to give donors a clear picture of the impact each gift has right from the beginning.

It’s also a good idea to anticipate questions and be prepared with answers about your effectiveness before the question is asked.

Save the Chimps nails the impact of storytelling in its donor thank-you page by putting the chimps – the organization’s beneficiaries – front and center.

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