Best Instagram Analytics Tools for 2023

Are you sure that your Instagram marketing plan is working? You can tell what post or story has generated the most engagement in a given week. You need Instagram analytics if you can’t answer any of these questions.

Instagram analytics can be an excellent tool for those unfamiliar with the role. It helps you evaluate your content as well as your profile. Innovative businesses use IG analytics for various metrics to assess their posts. You can improve your marketing by paying attention to the analytics data.

How can you track analytics on Instagram when the platform does not have its dashboard? That’s what we’ll be looking at.

This post will discuss two main ways to access Instagram analytics and the best tools for tracking Instagram metrics specific to your goals.

How to Get Instagram Analytics

You can also track key metrics such as Instagram followers and other metrics by:

Instagram Business Profile.

Instagram Analytics Tool.

You can view your Instagram analytics by clicking the “Insights tab” in the Instagram application on your smartphone.

You can easily change your average Instagram profile into a business profile by following our guide to optimizing your Instagram profile.

How to view account information on Instagram

Tap the “Insights Action” button on the main page of the Instagram profile to access the Insights section. You can find several valuable insights about your audience and posts.

Note: It may take some time for Instagram to display data on your account if you have just created an Instagram business profile or switched to one. After switching to a business account, Instagram will only show insights for your posted content and stories.

The data provided by Insights are easy to understand. It’s optional to have any prior data analytics knowledge. You can gain some valuable insights from the information you already possess.

If you don’t want to try and piece together the data from Instagram’s native analytics tool, then consider using Instagram analytics tools with advanced metrics and analytical capabilities.

The Best Instagram Analytics Apps

Due to the sheer size and diversity of Instagram’s metrics, it is often best to use a variety of tools for analytics. We’ll show you the 12 best Instagram Analytics apps to improve performance.

SquarelovinSquarelovin offers Instagram analytics for free. It allows you to see a monthly breakdown of your growth and recent posts and a detailed history of all your content by day, hour, month, or year. This app offers Instagram analytics, such as the preferences and interests of your followers.

You can also determine the hashtags and filters that will work best for your posts based on how your audience receives them.


Crowdfire stats provide a detailed overview of your business’s Instagram account performance up to date. You can select a date range of 1 day, seven days, 30 days, or 90 days. You can also choose a date range up to 90 days.

You can also choose which Instagram metrics you want to compare. These include post views, follower growth, comments, profile views, and many more.


This Instagram analytics tool will help you improve your IG marketing strategies and grow your business. This platform is unique because of its link-in-bio feature, which allows you to link Instagram posts to specific URLs, such as product pages. You can track website clicks, page views, and click-through rates from your Instagram profile. You can also see how many sales were generated by a particular post.

You can try Later for 14 days free. This trial gives you full access to all features, including Instagram hashtag metrics, Reel Analytics, link metrics in bios, and much more. Both Instagram creators and business accounts can access analytics. is another Instagram analytics tool that you can use. It can create PDF reports to give insight into follower growth, engagement rates for posts and profiles, popular photo filters, and more. Exporting your data into a beautiful format is another option that allows you to keep stakeholders informed about your Instagram marketing. offers a free 14-day trial, which can be extended upon request. You can test it out for free and decide if it is the best Instagram stats application for you.


SmartMetrics collects insights hourly to give you more than 30 Instagram metrics for your Stories, Instagram posts, and account. It allows you to monitor interactions with your Instagram followers, hashtag engagement per day, and the comments on your Stories. The tool also allows you to track and respond to mentions of your brand on Instagram.

Smartmetrics allows you to export its reports in CSV format or as PDF documents and send them via email.


Hootsuite’s social listening and analytics features allow you to analyze Instagram metrics in great detail. You can create custom reports and compare historical data to analyze your performance. The platform will enable you to share messages directly from the Hootsuite dashboard with other team members.


Iconosquare is ideal for brands or agencies that have multiple social media accounts. It gives you advanced insights that will help you optimize your social media strategy. Some of its unique features are Instagram Stories analytics and engagement metrics.

The Community Analytics feature of Instagram will help you understand insights like gender, age, and preferred language for Instagram users.


Keyhole is a great social media analytics app for Instagram. It allows you to view the performance of your account in real-time and historical time. You can track hashtags and keywords in your posts, as well as mentions and hashtags. The app will show you how many hashtags were used and how well your content performed.

Keyholes can also be used to track basic analytics for competing Instagram profiles. You can monitor their growth, engagement, and activity data over a specified period. These data points can be used to create your KPIs.

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