5 Inspiring Social Media Marketing Examples 

Are you looking for some social media marketing ideas to help inspire your next campaign?

A successful social media campaign will have a clearly defined goal and content that is strategically designed to help you reach your goal.

In this post, you’ll find a few social media marketing examples for different types of campaigns.

These examples come from both big brands and prolific bloggers.

They will help you generate some ideas for your next marketing campaign.

Social media marketing: the best examples

User-generated content: Photos, videos, and text posts that are created by your fans featuring your products or mentioning your brand.

Advocacy Influencers that you sponsor as part of an elaborate social media campaign to increase brand awareness.

Product Collaboration- A collaboration that takes place between your company and another brand (or influencer) and produces a product that features essences from both brands.

Conversions- A campaign that aims to increase conversions through clicks, signups, sales, etc.

Brand Awareness- A simple campaign to increase brand awareness through social media.

Apple encourages user-generated content.

The Shot On iPhone social media campaign is among the most successful and longest-running in history.

Since Apple’s launch of the #shotinphone campaign in 2014, it has generated more than 27.4 million posts on Instagram.

Simple: users of social media are asked to upload photos taken with their iPhones to their social media posts, using hashtag #shotoniphone.

In the marketing world, these posts are referred to as “user-generated” content. This term refers to branded content created by users but which benefits brands.

Apple also uses the Shot On iPhone Campaign to launch larger marketing campaigns and run contests. For example, they ran a marketing campaign with Selena Gomez where she shot her music video “Lose you to love me” on an iPhone.

The tagline of the video ads for the song “Shot on iPhone” was featured.


Apple is the most profitable technology company in the world. It makes sense that their campaign would generate millions of posts and be one of the best examples of social media marketing.

You can still replicate this social media campaign to get good results with your target audience.

Ask your followers to spread the word about your business.

Food blogger Pinch of Yum, for example, asks its readers to upload images of their recipes using the #pinchofyum hashtag on Instagram.

Consider using a SweepWidget if you want to increase your engagement from this type of campaign.

You can run social media competitions where contestants are required to submit Instagram photos as entries, among other methods.

You can schedule your posts using Sendible. This social media scheduling tool allows you to create hashtag groups and add them to seats quickly.

It ensures that your brand is always present on multiple social media platforms without you posting anything. Your followers will do it!

Second, you have more content with which to work. You can easily repost the posts of your followers to your social media accounts.

Tag them to ensure they also receive engagements.

The function of Beauty: YouTubers’ advocacy

Campaign: Offering free products to YouTubers, influencers, and affiliate links in exchange for their appearance in content.

Total engagements for the campaign: Unknown, but hundreds of thousands in video views and likes.

They differentiated themselves from other brands when they launched their first line of shampoos & conditioners by offering customized hair care formulas.

You only had to take a short quiz to find out your hair type and your favorite colors and scents. The brand then created (and still makes) customized bottles of shampoos and conditioners suited to your type of hair.

When Function of Beauty invited them to work with the brand in 2019 and beyond, this is what drew many influencers to it, including YouTubers.

The function of Beauty is to collaborate and send free products to influencers that would help push the brand to the forefront of the industry.

Some influencers received plain Affiliate Links, while others were provided with their own discount codes and affiliate links that they could offer to their audience.

Influencers tended to use the products in place of other hair care products when reviewing them.

Some used the products to create special content, like trying new hair care regimens. Some even included a hair care quiz as part of their videos.


There are two reasons that make the Function of Beauty campaign effective.

They offered the same products as their competitors but in a completely different way.

Instead of telling their subscribers to “click this link” or “use my coupon code at checkout,” YouTubers asked their audience to take a hair care quiz with them in order to create their formulas.

The buying process was made interactive. The customization was the cherry on top.

This tool is a great tool for marketing. It has all the usual question-and-answer features but also has some additional features.

This tool can be used at the lead capture stage as it has email opt-in forms and integrates with email marketing software, which includes segmentation options.

Subscribers can be required to view their results.

This campaign is also one of the most successful social media campaigns because Function of Beauty did not rely solely on its followers to spread the word about its brand.

Instead, they used the YouTube audiences of many YouTubers to introduce the brand name to hundreds and thousands of viewers.

Next time you launch a campaign on social media for your product, select a platform, then find influencers on that platform that are in your niche and have a large following (it only needs to be bigger than yours). Consider leveraging that following rather than relying solely on your own.

Lauren Conrad: Product Collaboration

Campaign Lauren’s company, The Little Market, teamed up with Saje Natural Wellness for a limited-edition aromatherapy diffuser.

The main platform for the campaign is Facebook (934,571 views from Lauren’s Instagram account alone).

Lauren Conrad, a lifestyle blog who is active on Instagram, got her start as an influencer when she appeared in MTV’s reality shows Laguna Beach and The Hills.

Lauren now owns The Little Market, which is a shop that sells homewares and gifts made by artisans.

The Little Market and Saje Natural Wellness teamed up in mid-2021 to create a limited-edition aromatherapy diffuser designed by Lauren Skvarla and Hannah Skvarla.

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