What to Sell in a Coronavirus Economy: Ethical Business Ideas

Government institutions and businesses have taken significant steps to protect human life in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. These regulations change the economy, consumer purchasing habits, and daily lives.

Many people are considering starting a new business but for different reasons.

This list isn’t for you if you want to create a business with short-term potential that sells products based on fear and runs ads that may get banned from Facebook. If you build a company that can grow over time, help people adapt to the new lifestyle, and practice ethical marketing, this list is not for you.

We’ll explore 20 trending and ethical business ideas in today’s strange economy. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs add value to people’s lives and will be crucial to the future of this economy, both before and after the Coronavirus.

Hoodies and sweatshirts

What are you wearing now? I am wearing a sweatpant and hoodie. Both are more than ten years old and have many holes. Zoom is not appropriate.

In this economy, living at home has become the norm. Comfort is important. Hoodies are the answer. I’m sure many people have a drawer full of sweats and other old clothes that aren’t very nice. We all need to upgrade.

You can promote your sweatshirts or hoodies by promoting the fact that they are comfortable and presentable in your home.

It is important to note that this is a highly competitive niche. To be successful, you need to stand out. You can design your sweatshirts and hoodies using a Print-on-Demand service. This will help you find hoodies or sweatshirts that are unique.

Novelty socks

What good is a warm hoodie if it doesn’t come with matching socks? We’re not heading anywhere anytime soon, so footwear will be put on hold. We still have to make sure our feet are comfortable.

Unique socks can bring joy to our daily routines, which is especially important now.

These socks are perfect for cooler climates.

Make it fun if you can. These socks are fun and make great gifts for friends and family.

You can also find a service offering print-on-demand to create your message.

No matter who you are targeting, choosing socks you feel comfortable wearing would be best. Nobody wants to wear itchy, stiff socks all day. Every day.

House slippers

We’re now upgrading. Consider upgrading the idea of socks to full-on slippers. People don’t need nice shoes for work or weekends. They need something comfortable to walk around in.

They are very comfortable and don’t require exact sizing. Like socks, they bring comfort and joy to people.

I’m tempted to order these cute and comfy slippers for myself.

These slippers will give you a more understated “quarantined” but business-like look.

While everyone else ignores the shoe category, you can dominate a niche by selling house slippers.

Sleep and Lounge

Formal wear is still out, and loungewear is back. It allows you to relax. People spend so much time at home that they may want to dress up even for bed.

The pink pajama set provides a good example. This allows people to feel comfortable while working and living at home. If you want to start an online business based on luxury loungewear and comfort clothing, you should use this copy.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money. This set of pajamas is perfect for the whole family. Currently, they are trendy. This fun family activity makes staying at home a bit more enjoyable for kids.

Device Holders

Now that you’re all outfitted let’s accessorize your tech. Before stay-at-home orders, many people used their smartphones and tablets for communication, social media scrolling, Netflix streaming, and other activities.

The setup isn’t perfect. You’d be surprised how many video chats from bed I’ve had.

People need to be able to support their devices, as they rely more on technology. Enter phone stands, mounts, and holders.

It’s not about car phone accessories. Nobody is moving. We’re talking about at-home accessories – desks, couches, kitchen tables, nightstands, bedside tables, etc.

This is an excellent one-desk phone holder. This adjustable product is available in different colors.

This mount props up your device next to your screen. It is ideal for people who are new to working at home.

This phone holder is perfect for those who like FaceTime and Netflix while lying in bed. (BRB, I’m ordering one for myself.

Laptop stands and lap desks

In our current economic climate, the next product trend is a similar idea explicitly designed for people working from home. Many people have had to set up their home offices quickly, but some find it more difficult than others.

Sell lap desks or laptop stands to make working at home more accessible. For example, this laptop stand can transform any table into a workspace. The frame has a built-in cooling fan to keep you cool during long “office” days.

You don’t need to limit yourself to just laptop stands. You can sell other laptop accessories, such as keyboards and mice. This armrest is for office chairs. Supports the forearm for a comfortable setup.

It’s essential to sell ergonomic products. This tells customers they can work at home using accessories such as these that are good for their body alignment and posture.

Gaming Accessories

There are 2,6 billion gamers around the globe. This is a vast audience that offers a great deal of opportunity. We can imagine that players are playing more than ever.

The gaming accessories will likely be worn out, so ergonomics will become more critical. If you are familiar with this niche, you can cater to people who play more games.

The following are some ways to get in touch with each other: thumb stick grips. There are many ways to satisfy their needs.

Warning: Be sure to communicate the compatibility of gaming systems and devices. You’ll get lots of questions from customers about your products and their compatibility. Or they may be skeptical. You’re better off selling accessories that fit a variety of gaming consoles.

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