Products to Sell on Amazon in 2024

We also wanted to know, so we conducted research. This article contains a list of products that are popular on Amazon.

Each item on the list contains information about average Revenue, prices, and more.

The data on the best products to sell on Amazon

Each item in this list includes the following information:

Listings- The number of products that are displayed when you type a keyword in Amazon’s search box.

Search volume- The monthly number of searches for a product on Amazon.

Average Revenue — The average Revenue per listing of a product.

Average price – The average cost of a product across all listings.

Average best sellers rank (BSR)- A measure of the popularity of a product. The best-selling products are those with lower numbers.

It was simple to find out how many listings each product had. We had to enter the keyword for each product into Amazon’s search box.

We used the Ahrefs Amazon Keyword Tool to calculate search volume.

A tool called Helium10 provided the average Revenue, BSR, and price. This is an excellent tool for Amazon sellers.

It can help you find not only the average Revenue and price of a niche market but also niches that are non-competitive to target. You can even spy on your competitors.

You can also view specific product data, which will help you to find the best-selling items.

The products are listed in order of the number of listings. Each product in this list is a good seller on Amazon, but some are more expensive than others.

The order of the products is based on their lowest to highest listing numbers. This allows us to rank them in order of least to most competitive.

Cat litter

Cat litter is indeed one of Amazon’s most profitable products. There are only 500 listings on the site, which is a low number for Amazon.

The search volume and average revenue are high. It also has a low initial cost of investment, with an average price of just $36.

Fresh Step, Dr. Elsey’s Cat, Pride Arm & Hammer, and Tidy Cats are among the top brands.

The top listing promotes clumping formulations.

Wifi extender

With only 700 listings on Amazon, the wifi extender market is another untapped one. The search volume is over 150,000, and the average Revenue is decent.

Top listings include ranges of more than 1,500 square feet. The full listings cover dozens of devices and provide connection speeds exceeding 750 Mbps.

TP-Link, Netgear, and other top brands are available. Unbranded listings are common.

Wireless Charger

The wireless chargers on this list don’t generate the same Revenue as the other two products, but there are fewer listings, and they receive a lot of interest from Amazon users, with more than 200,000 searches each month.

Some listings are only compatible with certain devices, like the latest iPhones by Apple. Some listings are compatible with any device.

Anker is a popular brand that makes many of the top listings. Some are from lesser-known brands, while others are unbranded.

Posture Corrector

Amazon has just over 1,000 listings for posture correctors, making it one of the lowest-priced products.

Amazon sellers already selling related products will find them a great addition. They are low-cost and have moderate interest.

The majority of listings are for men and women and are adjustable.

Departments : Braces & Supports, Shoulder Supports & Immobilizers, Industrial & Scientific, Occupational & Physical Therapy Aids, Traction Equipment


Tablets are the perfect electronic device to start with. Tablets have less competition on Amazon and a lower cost of ownership than other devices.

The semi-high level of interest is also evident, with more than 150,000 searches each month.

The top sellers have screens of 8 to 10 inches and storage of 32GB. The top brands are Apple’s iPads, the Amazon Fire tablet line, and Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

The top-selling Android tablets are unbranded.

Cat food

Selling cat food on Amazon is a great way to get started. It is one of the best products to start selling on Amazon.

The BSR is also one of the highest, and COI is low.

Top brands include Friskies, Purina One, Meow Mix, and Blue Wilderness. Friskies is one of the leading brands, followed by Purina One and Fancy Feast.

Most of the top listings offer cat food in bulk. For example, 24 cans of wet food or 22-pound bags of dry food.


It is a great product to sell for beauty shops on Amazon. It is a product that has low competition, and it’s not expensive to buy in bulk. The average price of the mascara on Amazon is $13.

The platform also receives a lot of interest, with more than 88,000 searches each month.

Black mascaras are the most popular and promise to boost lash volume. Popular brands include Essence Maybelline L’Oreal Paris Covergirl and Covergirl.

Categories: Mascara, Beauty Tools & Accessories and Makeup Brushes & Tools

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are an excellent electronic product that you can sell on Amazon.

With over 4,000 listings, they are not the most competitive products on the platform. They also have a lot of interest and an average revenue of over $200,000.

Top listings for Bluetooth speakers include waterproof and portable models. Some speakers advertise a range of 100 feet.

Popular brands include Anker and JBL.

Categories: Portable Bluetooth Speakers and Cell Phone Speakers. MP3 & 4 Player Accessories.

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