Popular marketing techniques for small businesses

Even though marketing is difficult when you’re on a tight budget, there are many things a small-business owner can do to maintain and attract a clientele. Digital marketing has helped small businesses to establish a presence and to attract well-informed buyers.

You want to build your business by securing a client base. You can create an extensive advertising campaign using a printer, phone, and internet-connected device without paying for digital space. Here are seven marketing strategies for small businesses that you can implement to increase your sales.

You Should Start Marketing Before You Start

Creating a buyer’s persona before your business begins marketing a particular product is helpful. This will help you target the right audience with your promotional materials. You can choose from various marketing techniques once you know your ideal client. These are primarily low-cost or even free tactics (sometimes referred to as guerrilla marketing). You can use them at different stages in your business cycle or all at once.


Many supermarkets, malls, and public places offer bulletin boards for free. It’s a hit-or-miss method, but try to make sure your poster is visible and has removable tabs so customers can show it for a discount.

If you find that one area is producing most of your leads, you can better target your campaign (flyers, ads in local media catering to those areas, or cold calling). You can target your campaign better if you know which size generates the most leads (flyers in local media, cold-calling, etc.).

Posters need to be appealing and have memorable phrases. This will help viewers remember the sign when they wonder where to find what they want.

It’s essential to pay attention to traditional marketing methods such as radio, print ads, and billboards. More channels mean more exposure.

Referral Networks

Referral networks can be precious to any business, including customer referrals. Referrals can be rewarded with discounts or other incentives. Referral networks can also have business-to-business referrals. Consider introducing yourself to X’s owner to discuss referral deals.

This network is even more powerful when dealing with professionals in the white-collar field. A lawyer may refer you directly to an accountant, and the accountant could then refer you to a financial advisor, who would refer you to a broker. Referrals are a way for people to build their professional reputation. No matter your business, you should create a referral system with the same commitment to quality and outlook as you.

Keep in mind that your competitors are not always your enemies. You can give them a job if you’re too busy. You’ll often get the favor back. Besides, it isn’t good for your image if you make a client wait too long.

Cold Calls

Whether done over the phone or by going door-to-door, cold calling is a test of faith for many small business owners. Cold calling makes you sell both yourself and your business. Unconscious calling forces you to sell yourself and your business.

You don’t benefit from a face-to-face interaction or a smile when you call. A phone allows some people to speak as abruptly and caustically as possible (we have all been guilty of it at one point or another). Cold calling can make you more creative and flexible when dealing with potential clients.

Combining old-fashioned pounding on the pavement with the modern-day pounding of the keyboard will produce the best results for small businesses looking to market themselves.

Warm Calls are an alternative to cold calling. Friendly calls are made to people you’ve met through social events or email campaigns.

Online Marketing

The Internet is a vital tool for building a successful company. The marketing methods of the past 50 years have been unchanged, except for the rapid development and growth of the Internet. Even a small local café should have a website with important details like location and opening hours. It is essential to have a website that everyone can access when making a purchase decision.

You might also need the following:

Social media presence – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Twitter

A CMS: Hubspot or Joomla

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).: Optimizing content for search engines, internal and external links, title and alt tags, headings, and headings.

This digital proficiency may seem intimidating at first. The publishing industry has advanced so that an open-source content manager can satisfy all these needs.

How to identify your value proposition, audience, and goals

It’s important to know who your target audience is before you start printing or distributing materials. It would be best to consider how to make them value your products and services. Set realistic and achievable goals for your marketing and business endeavors.

Value Proposition

Value propositions are why a customer would choose to buy your product over one of the competitors. Consider what your audience wants instead of focusing on what you have to offer. These needs are often called benefits. A product’s physical characteristics or what it can do are called features.

To sell your product or service, you must identify what you offer that other companies do not do (or do poorly). Compare what you provide to that of your competitors. Compare their features and advantages to yours and find ways to describe them that are superior.

Your top value proposition must be unique and appealing to your audience. Imagine you own a restaurant and coffee shop. You’ll need to use your imagination and analyze your competition to determine what makes your coffee shop stand out.

You can highlight features if you back them up with benefits aligned with your audience’s needs.

Imagine you have perfected the recipes for loaves of bread from all over the world. For example, Aesh baladi is an Egyptian bread, and Pao de Qeuijo is a gluten-free Brazilian loaf made with gue flour and gu cheese. You import coffee from the countries where you get your bread. You might have an advantage in price and value, as you offer a unique experience that no other café offers.

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