Online Pay Sub Generator: 7 Best Options for Your Business

Have you hired a few new employees to manage the business recently? You may also have to provide a pay stub listing their earnings at the end of each pay period.

What’s a pay stub

The pay stub can be a paper or digital document that shows employees how their earnings are calculated. The pay stub contains employee salary, taxes and deductions, and net wage. Pay stubs are an excellent way for employees to determine how much money they can take home.

Pay stubs are also called a paycheck or pay slips. Don’t be surprised to hear these terms if asked to provide details about an employee’s pay.

Why do you need a pay slip?

Pay stubs are a great way to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act, which requires employers to document employee salaries. You can also use them to resolve discrepancies between employee wages if necessary.

FLSA does not mandate that you issue pay subs for your employees, but they must be given to you as part of your payroll records.

Pay stubs are proof of employee income when they apply for a loan or lease a new apartment. The document provides a breakdown of the employee’s earnings, so lenders can quickly see how much the employee earns each payday. It is easier for lenders and financial institutions to assess risk and decide.

How do you create your pay stubs?

Online pay stubs are the easiest to create. This software tool will consolidate all of your payroll data and invoices. It then creates an individual pay stub you can share with your employees. The tool generates pay stubs without you having to hire an accountant. Just enter the information, and it will do the rest.

Shopify Pay Stub Generator

Shopify’s online Pay Stub Maker is the best because it checks all the boxes as a pay stub generator. The tool allows you to create pay stubs with all the information about your company, employees, income, and deductions. Fill in all the fields required by the pay stub creator. Just follow the steps. Shopify will email you your electronic pay slip, ready to use.

Shopify’s Pay Stub Generator allows you to create customized pay stubs without spending money on expensive software. You can generate a customized pay stub and email it to your email address if you provide the necessary information. You can export your pay stubs to PDF format. This generator can also be used to create pay stubs.

Wix Pay Stub Generator

Wix’s Pay Stub Maker is another tool that small businesses can use to create online pay stubs. The generator is simple to use and navigate, just like other Wix products. You can enter your business information, edit employee details and salary, and add tax deductions with just a few mouse clicks.

Add your logo and customize the pay stub to suit your branding requirements. You can then send the pay stub to your employees directly or have them download and print it from your email.

Wave Financial Pay Stub Generator

Wave’s check-stub creator is quick and easy. You can easily share pay stubs with just a few clicks. The online pay stub generator has a section for YTD (year-to-date) components. This shows the gross salary a staff member has earned in the past year up to the date the pay stub is generated. You can include the total of all deductions and total net pay up to that point.

Wave’s Pay Stub Generator does all the calculations for you, which reduces the chance of human error, such as misspellings and incorrect entries. After creating it, you can print the pay stub or send it to your employee as a PDF.

ClickFunnels Paystub Maker tool

ClickFunnels has gained popularity as a funnel builder. However, the company that created the software offers many other tools for business, including a paystub generator. This generator allows you to create professional-looking pay slips in just a few simple steps. It’s as simple as that. Calculate, design, and print.

Add your company logo on the pay stub to make it easier for your employees to identify who sent it. The tool is less feature-rich than some of the other pay stub creators in this list, but it still does its primary task (creating a pay slip) well. You can download or send yourself a copy to keep records and for documentation.

123 PayStubs

123PayStubs allows you to create and print employee pay stubs. The pay stub creator ensures that you receive documents ready to send. The tool also allows you to add bonuses, overtime hours, and tips.

You can customize earnings by industry and generate multiple pay slips without having to enter the information repeatedly. Before downloading, you can preview the pay stub and make unlimited changes without additional costs.

Form Pros Pay Stub Maker

Want to create pay stubs with different formats? Form Pros allows you to generate paycheck stubs in A4 or letter sizes. It also allows you to select between landscape or portrait orientations. Choose from different designs for pay stubs, then enter the details required to create a payslip in minutes.

Form Pros is more expensive than an accountant, but creating an employee pay stub costs less. You can also choose from various pay stub templates, including those that allow you to enter extra earned income, such as overtime, tips, and holiday pay.


The generator of ThePayStubs allows you to create pay stubs quickly. You can create a professional pay stub in just two minutes to send to an employee. The ThePayStubs support team can help you if you encounter any technical problems while making your paycheck stub.

ThePayStubs has a paystub calculator that will help you keep track of all your finances. You’ll also have peace of mind because the tool ensures accurate calculations.

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