Is business on Hold Because of Coronavirus? DO THIS [PODCAST]

The world has changed dramatically since a few short months ago. You might be worried about your dropshipping business, especially with the coronavirus outbreak causing delays and uncertainty in shipping times.

It would be best to stop working on your online shop. You can spend your time on other aspects of the dropshipping business besides making sales.

We don’t mean just the business aspect of things. You’ll need to maintain your mental health if you work from home like many of us. You will be ready to start your business when things return to normal.

Read on (or listen to the above!) Here are ten things you can do to keep your dropshipping company fresh and continue building it during this downtime.

Prepare for Delays

Reduce or eliminate your ads. There is a lot of confusion over what can and cannot be shipped. It’s best to avoid advertising and sales.

Inform your customers about shipping delays. This can be done via email or by adding a message to your product pages and storefront. You can get inspiration by looking at other emails or similar online stores.

Contact your suppliers

Ask for an update. Ask them about the stock, processing times, and shipping time to better understand their situation.

Keep them to their word. Ask them to send you pictures or more information if they say they have stock.

You can place a trial order. You can see if they have the product in stock and how long it will take to ship. This may not be the best option if you are targeting a different market than where you live.

Learn more about the newest technology

Dropshipping can be simple. It’s not easy. Use the extra time to master dropshipping.

You can save on future advertising costs by learning and preparing today.

Increase Your Social Media Channels

Now is the time to invest time and effort in your social networking account because more people use them.

Create a community or audience to help you establish a customer database to which you can sell products. You can even create profiles of your customers to aid in Facebook advertising.

Genuinely engaging with your audience builds credibility for your brand, as you won’t be posting only about prices and products.

Start Email Marketing

Email Marketing is essential in ecommerce because it helps to retain customers. Getting a returning client to purchase is cheaper than a new one.

Start small if it feels overwhelming. Shopify allows you to create an abandoned cart email for free.

Redo Your Website

You need to take your time when designing your website. This includes photos of products, graphics, etc.

Use online tools like Free Logo Maker to redo and rebrand your entire website.

Start by directing your customers to your product page.

Shopify’s basic accounts come with 30 minutes of design time. Use this time to adjust and change your store theme.

Create a Budget

Set limits. Ad spending, knowing when to stop advertising a particular product, and any monthly fees your store may charge are all part of this.

Establish clear next steps. You can still find other strategies and channels to market your business if you have exceeded your budget. You can then decide whether to invest your money in the free options available.

Find alternative sources of income

Consider freelance work to earn extra income. You can start by offering your services on Fiverr or Upwork, two great platforms.

You don’t need to make much money but can create additional income streams to help tide you over difficult times.

Think about your strengths or what you could learn to master. Use your skills creatively or research what is popular and in high demand.

Healthy Workspace

Exercise. Exercise is excellent for starting the day. It releases endorphins. It is also suitable for the body and mind.

Make a space dedicated to work and adopt an office-like attitude. This means dressing up and doing your morning routine as if you are going to the office.

Eating well is essential. You can control the ingredients you use when you cook at home. Eating healthy also improves your mental health.

Organize your environment. Decluttering your workspace can help you feel more refreshed.

Stay Healthy

Focus on the positive. You’ve likely socialized with your friends and family more than usual during this time, as everyone is stuck at home.

Laugh. Find podcasts and books you can read or listen to that will make you laugh. You can use these small things to distract yourself from your current situation and clear your mind. It never hurts to take a mental break!

What about you? What are your thoughts? Please share them in the comment section!

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