How do you add a music player to WordPress?

You’re creating a site where you will upload MP3s, podcasts, or music. You don’t understand how to add music to WordPress. You don’t have to worry. I’ll take care of it. With or without plugins, it is simple to embed a music player into WordPress.

Uploading large files with the wrong tool can affect the user’s experience and slow down the page. This is not good because Google considers the speed of a site’s loading to be one of its most important ranking factors.

To help you, I have created this guide. I will share six of the best music players, discuss what you should look for in a player, and show you how to add music to your WordPress website. Let’s get started!

What to Look for in a Music Player

First, I want to talk about the things you should consider when choosing a music player. This is important because many people overlook them. They choose the wrong player, and this can slow down a website.

Are you certain you only want to add MP3 files to your WordPress website? Remember that we live in a digital age, and there are other audio formats, such as OGG, WAV, AAC, etc. What will you do when you upload a file in a different format?

You’ll regret this decision in the scenario above if your player only supports MP3 files. You don’t have to worry about a similar scenario if you know how many audio formats your music player supports. It is better to have a design that helps you.

Player Performance

You should also consider the performance of your music player. Consider the length of audio files and whether your music player is able to handle them. If you’re on a music site, the audio will be no longer than five minutes.

The podcast will last between 20 and 50 minutes. You must make sure that the player you use can embed audio for up to 50 minutes. The music player should support platforms such as Spotify, Google, or Apple podcasts.

Price: Free or Paid

Last but not least is the price of the music player. While I was searching for a music device, I came across three different categories. One is paid, and the other is free. The third category is free but has limited features.

The paid tools offer better services despite the fact that it is a personal decision. If you do not have a large budget, then you can choose to use free tools or a limited version. Again, I recommend paying for them.

Four Different Methods for Adding Music Player to WordPress

Here are four ways to add a music player to WordPress sites. First, you can use the WordPress embed feature. Second, you can use a music player from a third party. You can also choose a plugin or create your music player.

Use WordPress default embeds.

Do you know the embedding music player in WordPress? Yes, it’s possible. Anyone can upload audio files. The only thing you have to do is go to the content post page, select the embedded option, and then add the link.

Step 1. Upload the audio file by clicking on ” Add new” under the Media section.

Step 3: Click the ” Audio ” block in the Gutenberg editor by clicking on the ” + ” symbol.

Step 2 Enter the media URL after selecting the audio block.

Step 3: You will get the output Audio Player in WordPress. Check the image below!

The audio file is automatically added to the page. There are some instances where the website may slow down. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s not impossible.

Use a Third-Party Player

The addition of a third-party music player is the second-best option. The plugin and third-party player are different in that the plugin hosts the files while the music player does not. You need to add audio to your music player.

WordPress can play audio files from Spotify, SoundCloud, and Mixcloud Pocket Casts. You can add music to your website by adding any URL.

Step 2: Add Spotify Audio to WordPress. Enter “Audio” in the block section to find the option.

Step 2: Enter the URL of your favorite Spotify audio file as shown below.

Step 4: You have now learned how to play your music in WordPress. Check out the output!

You only need to add your WordPress URL.

Create Your Music Player

If you want a music player with specific features, you can create it yourself. It’s not impossible to develop software. You only need a programming expert.

This option has the disadvantage that you will need to pay money for an expert. It is best to do it yourself. However, this can be tricky. Not everyone is able to create and maintain a music player like a pro.

Installing Music Player Plugins

Plugins are the easiest and last way to add audio to your music player. WordPress offers a wide range of plugins. Some are paid, while others are available for free. There’s something for everyone in this vast library.

Download the plugin that you have selected. You can read on to learn about the six best music player features and plugins.

WordPress Music Player Plugins to Install

You are lucky that you do not need to search for the plugins individually. I have used many plugins and know which one is the best. Here are my top six music player WordPress plugins. You can choose the best plugin for you by reading its features.

Fusebox Audio Player

The Fuse Box audio player allows you to insert music into WordPress easily. It’s a great tool for podcasting websites. My friend has used it and is very happy with the results. You can customize the plugin to your liking. The premium package includes options such as a sticky player and a complete player.

It is great to have all the data in one place. How many people listened to a podcast on a certain date, for example? Prices are reasonable; aside from the free plugin, the first package is $7.50, and the second is $15.83 per month.

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