Digital Products to Sell Online 

Are you looking for the best digital goods to sell online? You’ve come to the right place.

Digital products have higher profit margins on average than physical products.

You can grow your business indefinitely without having to replenish inventory.

You will learn all you need to start a digital business online.

This post will show you the best digital products for sale and how to start selling them. Keep reading to find out the best marketing methods for digital products.

What are digital goods?

Digital products are tangible goods that can easily be stored and sold online.

These are usually in the form of media files and downloadable content.

You can find these files in the form of music, videos, ebooks, and templates.

Sell 12 different types of digital products.

Online, there are a variety of digital products. We’ve listed below some of the most profitable digital product categories, along with examples of successful sellers within that niche, to help you narrow your options.

Ebooks (and audiobooks).

Selling ebooks can be a lucrative business. Consumers love to buy them.

In the past few years, the market has grown significantly. The number of ebooks sold increased from 170 to 191 million from 2019 to 2020. With sales still on the rise, it’s the right time to create your ebook and take your piece of the pie.

You don’t need to be Stephen King in order to sell well. Write about what you are familiar with. There are many ebook niches, particularly in the educational and non-fiction categories.

Amel Aitouche, a Dubai-based YouTuber, has written an ebook that outlines all you need to move to Dubai. Her ebook was a huge hit among her subscribers, and now she sells hundreds of copies.

You can even convert your books to audiobooks in order to reach a larger audience of casual listeners. If you don’t want to spend the time writing an entire ebook, you could sell shorter texts such as how-to guides or meal plans. You can also sell blueprints and other documents.

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Online courses

Creating and selling online courses is another great way to monetize knowledge. Do you have a particular area of expertise? You may have some skills that you believe others would benefit from. You can sell your digital products if you package and package these skills and expertise.

John D. Saunders achieved this and earned over $10,000 in just one day through his SOPs and web design accelerator courses. He now runs a six-figure business and has made hundreds of thousands selling online classes.

Not everyone is as successful as John. But that doesn’t stop you from earning a decent income if your knowledge is in high demand.

You’ll have to decide on the format of your course once you know what to teach (i.e., video, text, audio, etc). Then, outline your curriculum and begin creating educational content.

You’ll then need to select a platform for your course. Use it to promote your practice.

Digital art

Do you consider yourself an artist or a graphic designer? Digital art is a growing market, so turn your passion into an income source.

New startups, for example, are always looking for talented designers who can create custom logos to promote their businesses.

While there are logo makers available online, they cannot match the quality of a graphic designer. You can charge more for your services.

Stock icons (vectors), backgrounds, emotes and badges, banners, and 3D artwork are all art-related digital items that sell well.

Designer Silver Lyons took advantage of the growing popularity of Twitch and created a pre-made collection of emotes and icons. You can tap into this market if you are a gamer.

You could sell add-ons to popular graphic design software. It’s worth exploring the market for brushes, gradients, and palettes that are available for popular software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Procreate.

NFTs have also become a popular topic, particularly in the area of digital art. You could branch out into NFTs if you already sell digital art. This can be a very risky business, so do your research.

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Memberships and subscriptions

Another great idea is to create a site for members only and sell subscription products, especially if your audience is large.

YouTubers Rhett & Link from the Good Mythical Morning Channel opened a new recurring venue when they created the Mythical Society. This private community gives subscribers exclusive access to behind-the-scenes footage. They already had millions of subscribers, so sales were almost guaranteed.

It’s not essential to have an audience. You can launch a subscription service successfully without one. For example, Attune To The Moon has been successful in selling seasonal subscription packages within the spiritual wellness industry.

You could offer weekly or monthly content like meal plans or magazines or access to a social community that is gated.

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Video content

The market for video content is booming, and consumers are willing to pay a premium price. The success of VOD streaming platforms like Netflix shows the size of the video content market.

You can sell your video content online if you consider yourself to be a filmmaker.

Creators Nils and Kaspar have done just that. They went to Thailand to film a short inline skate film called Mind Your Step. It documented their journey through the country and raised awareness about the global issue of plastic waste. Then, they listed it for purchase in their online shop. The pair presented a lot of money, and it was a huge success.

If you think that making a film is too expensive, remember that Nils & Kaspar did it for less than 5,000 Euros, proving it’s not. With an iPhone and a tight budget, you can create something worth paying for. All you need is a vision.

Printable patterns and designs

On sites like Etsy, there are millions of crafty people looking for printables and patterns to assist them in their DIY projects.

You can sell printables such as coloring pages, workbooks, sewing patterns, and knitting patterns.

Linda, a Latvian textile designer who is also an entrepreneur, offers a good example. Self-taught textile designer Linda, a self-taught amateur who has won awards for her work, built a successful business selling crochet patterns on the internet. To date, her Etsy shop has had over 20k sales.

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Another interesting digital product category that is popular online is templates. The templates for resumes are extremely popular, and they’re easy to make even if your design skills are limited.

Templates aren’t only for CVs and resumes. You can sell templates of all sorts, such as emails, PowerPoint presentations, and Twitch overlays.

Brand My Social Boutique, for example, has released one of the most popular templates on Creative Market.

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