Best Websites to Sell Stuff Online (2023)

Yard sales and newspapers used to be the only ways you could sell items without a physical store. With all the apps and selling websites available, anyone can earn extra money selling anything without leaving their home.

Online selling has changed our perception of starting up a business. There’s a good reason for this: 63% of shopping journeys begin online; online selling is becoming a more lucrative option for young entrepreneurs.

Do you want to make money by selling kitchen equipment as a hobby? Have you got trendy jewelry in your backstock? Do you have a way to obtain a product for wholesale price? You might be looking to get rid of your Beanie Babies. You’ve got one! You may practice feng-shui and want to declutter the living room or storage unit. Shopify’s Course on Winning Products is an excellent resource if you still need help identifying winning products.

There’s a channel for every objective and product. We have researched you and found the best websites to sell your product online. We’ll tell you how starting your online store can increase sales.

Create an online store

Setting up your online shop can be challenging, but it is also rewarding and profitable.

You have to promote yourself and drive traffic to your website. You’re creating a brand, and this can take some time.

You can set your prices and keep all of your profits. There are no commissions. You can create your online store using the following platform:


Shopify is one of the most popular and easiest-to-use tools for creating your online store. More than 4 million websites use Shopify as of November 2022.

Shopify’s monthly fee is $39 for the basic plan. The basic Shopify fee is $39 per month. This includes a website, blog, and SSL certificates. It also includes social media sales channels and abandoned shopping cart recovery. No initial setup fees or hidden costs are charged unless you use a payment gateway other than what Shopify offers.

Shopify is an excellent platform for starting to sell online through your website. It is user-friendly and has excellent customer service. You can customize your store with Shopify Apps, such as wholesale marketplaces Handshake. This guide will help you launch a Shopify store within 30 minutes.

Top 12 Websites for Selling Stuff Online

These are the most popular online selling sites that can handle just about anything you may have.

BonanzaSeattle-based Bonanza is relatively new on the online marketplace but is doing well. Bonanza, a growing online community of shops, has more than 50,000 vendors and 35,000,000 different products.

Bonanza charges a relatively low fee for selling items. It is based on the “Final Offer Value.” The Final Offer Value equals the total dollar amount paid by the buyer plus any shipping fees above $10.

If you sell an article for $20 and charge $12 shipping, your Final Offer Value will be $22. In this example, the selling fee is only 77C/. The same rules apply if you sell items over $500. However, there is a flat 1.5% fee if the dollar amount exceeds $500.

This site is excellent for people who cannot afford listing fees. Setting up an online shop is simple, and costs are only charged if a sale is made.


Amazon is one of the most trusted websites in the world. It sells over 400 items every minute. How can it sell so many products so quickly? People feel comfortable and confident when they buy from this website.

Amazon has a reputation for verifying sellers and preventing counterfeit products from entering its marketplace. It has earned the trust of its customers by consistently delivering what they need when they want it. Many people use it as their primary online marketplace. The site offers many benefits, making your products more likely to sell. However, it comes with a higher fee.

Amazon’s professional selling account requires an application and a monthly fee of $39.99. Each item sold is also subject to a fee. You can open an account as an individual seller if you do not plan to sell more than 40 items per month. There is no monthly charge. Individual seller accounts cost 99C/per item plus a percentage fee on top, depending on which category your item falls into.

Amazon is an excellent option for anyone who wants to sell large quantities of products or needs exposure to a broader audience.


eBay, the original online sales platform, has been around since 1995. This website allows you to sell almost anything. This is the site to use if you want to sell antiques, crafts, or odd.

Be mindful of the fees that eBay charges when you sell. There is a non-refundable listing fee and an “insertion fee” if you want to list the item in a different category.

A “final value fee” is a percentage (10% to 12% in most categories) of the selling price of your item, plus a percentage for shipping costs. These fees are calculated according to the product type, the number and types of categories in which it’s listed, and shipping.

According to eBay Statistics for 2021, eBay boasts over 1.7 billion listings and 135 million users worldwide. It’s an extensive buyer network, similar to Amazon. However, remember that eBay is less trusted as a brand than Amazon.


VarageSale, a Toronto-based platform for online selling, was created by a former elementary-school teacher frustrated by the scams and unreliable listings on classified websites.

The site requires that sellers create a Facebook-verified account to verify the merchant’s profile picture and name. They also need a bio. Buyers feel more comfortable making transactions because they know who they are dealing with.

VarageSale allows its members to sell products online without charge. You can create an online listing with a product image, description, and headline. If you are interested in selling your product, someone can reserve it and arrange an exchange offline, or they can use Stripe for an online payment.

The platform does not charge merchants a transaction or seller fee as of the date this article was written.

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