Best Phone Systems for Small Businesses

What is a Business Phone System (BPS)?

Business phone systems include VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), PBXs (Private Branch Exchanges), and Key System Units (KSU). They also offer features such as voicemail to email functionality, call recording, and automated menus. Business phone systems come in three types: Voice Over Internet Protocol, Private Branch Exchange, and Key System Unit (KSU). VoIP is the best technology for small business phone systems. It allows you to utilize your internet connection throughout the system. Business phone systems continue to evolve into complete communications platforms that include text, voice, and video communication, as well as collaboration between remote and hybrid team members.

Best Business Phone System of 2023

VoIP phone systems have become a necessity in business environments today. They serve as central hubs for voice, video, and chat communications. Cloud-based phone systems are replacing traditional landlines for business purposes due to their affordability, advanced features, and accessibility. The majority of business phone providers offer essential elements such as a number, voicemail, and call routing. They also include unlimited voice calls within the United States and Canada. Some services offer advanced features, such as artificial intelligence (AI), which automatically creates and sends meeting summaries, including action items, after each call.

There’s a phone system for every business, whether you have a small company that only speaks with a few customers a week or an enterprise that has a sales force that spends the majority of the day talking on the telephone. You can use our reviews of the best small business telephone systems to determine which plan is right for you and your budget.

RingCentral: The Best Business Phone System to Collaborate

RingCentral RingCentral MVP is the leader in the industry, with over 2,000 integrations.

It is not possible to mix and match different service plans in order to create a customized solution.

RingCentral MVP, a cloud-based service for messaging, video, and voice calls, is designed to fit businesses of any size and industry. This system is a powerful communications platform that’s ideal for companies with remote or hybrid workers. The system’s easy-to-use mobile apps on Android and iOS allow staff to collaborate globally using any device that is internet-connected.

Create a digital workspace with features like team chat and messaging. You can also create folders, threads, and dedicated topics for specific projects, teams, and issues. RingCentral relies on 32 data centers around the world and direct peering agreements with over 45 carriers and 200 Internet service providers to ensure call quality and uptime. RingCentral MVP offers more integrations than any system we have reviewed. This allows you to connect with other business tools that you use every day in order to stay organized and run productive business units.

Zoom: The Best Business Phone System For Video Conferencing

ZoomPay-as-you-go plans start at $10 a month and include unlimited or metered calling.

Add-ons such as toll-free numbers, international calling, and additional phone numbers are available only for a fee.

Zoom’s video conferencing service, which exploded in demand during the COVID-19 epidemic, is well-known. However, many people don’t realize that the company offers a complete phone system. Zoom Phone offers four plans, each with unlimited international calling and toll-free number access. They also integrate popular business tools such as Slack or Salesforce. Zoom’s strength is video calls.

Zoom’s phone plans include excellent video conferencing features. Virtual meetings have become a necessity in many businesses. With just a couple of clicks, users can transfer calls to Zoom rooms or meetings or elevate a phone call to video conferencing. Zoom’s video and phone conferencing system for business is available via desktop applications on Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Zoom’s transfer and meeting functions allow you to switch platforms and invite attendees easily. All plans allow a company to receive and make calls on multiple devices and also enable ad-hoc three-way conference calls.

Best Business Phone System: Vonage for Best APIs and Customization

The Vonage Vonage offers 43 features as standard and 18 additional paid options.

Large companies who purchase more than 99 accounts can enjoy significant discounts.

The plans require a contract of one year, and early termination fees can be as high as the price of your service agreement.

Vonage offers a wide range of phone services, including a desktop and mobile app, group messaging, video conference, and optional hardware. Vonage can provide dynamic and comprehensive phone service to businesses in all industries and sizes. It’s easy to integrate tools such as Bullhorn, Google Workplace, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

It can be a game changer for your business if you are able to integrate a phone system into your existing infrastructure and customize it. Vonage’s platform was built using a microservices architecture, which allows the vendor to react quickly and add new channels. Office cloud-based telephone systems come with a range of hardware options. They also offer a customizable menu system, software integration for CRM, and a set of communication APIs. The reports and data analysis recorded by the communication system can be customized. The omnichannel contact center is scalable to accommodate growth.

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