Best DROPSHIPPING Products to Sell in Winter 2020

You’ve come to the right place if you want the best dropshipping items for this winter.

This post will list the top 10 dropshipping items to sell this winter.

We will explain why we believe each product in this post will be a big seller this winter. And we will also give you some marketing tips to help you secure your first sale with these products.

We created this list using Google Trends data, social media research, and AliExpress. We also used our entrepreneurial experience to determine the top products for winter 2020.

Workout Gear

Workout gear is the first item on our list of best dropshipping items to sell this winter 2020.

We’ve chosen a broad entry for our first item, but we have a reason. We couldn’t choose just one exercise gear to be the best.

Because workout gear, in general, is super popular in winter.

At first, this might seem a bit surprising. Think about it: Many people have new fitness goals at the beginning of the new year. That’s why they buy new workout gear.

Look at the Google trends data below.

Searches for “workout equipment” consistently increase yearly from December to January.

More people looking for fitness gear online also means more people interested in buying these products.

These are the top dropshipping items to sell this winter 2020 because many people already want them.

Add these products to the store, and you will surely succeed.

Skiing Gloves

We’re continuing the sports theme in our list of best dropshipping items to sell this winter 2020 with skiing gloves.

As you can see from the Google Trends data, these products are seasonal.

Every year, around the end of November, there is a massive increase in searches for these products.

This means that there is interest in the products.

These products are essential for skiers and boarders, as they can’t ski or snowboard without them.

Slipping down an icy hill at high speed can be pretty chilly. To have fun, you need to be well-wrapped up.

You can use videos to promote these products. Show how sleek and durable they are and how much worse skiing and snowboarding would be if you didn’t have them.

You can find our entire guide on video marketing here.

P.S. Check out this post on the Best Sports Products To Sell In 2020 if you want to sell sporting products.

Winter Hats

Winter hats are next on our list of best dropshipping items to sell in Winter 2020.

Unsurprisingly, these products are so popular in the winter months.

There are more reasons than temperature to sell these items.

They’re also typically small and light, so they qualify for EPacket shipping. This means faster shipping and cheaper shipping for your customers.

You can also choose from various colors, styles, and materials when adding them to your shop.

You can source these products at an affordable price and still make a decent profit.

Winter hats will be one of the most popular dropshipping items in winter 2020.

Reusable bags

The following best product to dropship in winter 2020 is reusable bags.

Sustainable shopping is growing. We’re not just talking about clothes here.

Globally, buyers are increasingly aware of their purchasing habits’ impact on the environment.

These products are eco-friendly, and people look for them.

Look at the worldwide search for “reusable bags” in the last five years.

Searches are increasing. This means that more and more people will be searching for these products.

This is especially true during the holiday season. Thanksgiving and Christmas are usually marked by large family dinners, too large to finish all at once.

These products will be beneficial in the preparation of those dinners and for keeping leftovers fresh.

Buyers will flock to your shop if you develop clever marketing campaigns that promote these products.

You can find a Facebook video example ad here.

Alarm ClocksAlarm clocks are next on the list of best dropshipping items to sell this winter.

You might wonder why we recommend that you sell alarms when many people use their smartphone as an alarm clock.

Using your smartphone to set an alarm is not the best option.

Many people think sleeping with your smartphone in the room can negatively affect your health. This includes disrupted sleep and poorer quality sleep.

If you look at the Google Trends data below, these products are a big hit.

In the United States, alarm clock searches have declined slightly over the last five years. However, there is a spike in these searches every December.

We don’t know if they are looking for holiday gifts or just shopping for themselves.

We know that these products are popular.

We know you can be the entrepreneur to take advantage of this interest and turn it into sales.

Christmas Decorations

We couldn’t possibly list the best dropshipping items to sell this winter without Christmas decorations.

Let me clarify: You don’t have to create a new store to add these products to your inventory.

There are so many products available that you can find Christmas decorations to fit in, no matter your business.

If you run a clothing store for women, you might want to add some novelty earrings at Christmas.

If you run a men’s clothes store, you can add Christmas socks to your shop.

You can also add a variety of table decorations to your shop if you sell homewares.

Prepare your store to welcome the holiday shoppers by finding products that suit your niche.

Plush Toys

The following best product to dropship in winter 2020 is plush toys.

Dropshipping products offer an excellent opportunity to profit because of their low prices. They are also often purchased without doing much research.

It would be best if you targeted your marketing campaigns to impulse purchases.

Many people want to buy gifts for their younger children during the holiday season, like plush toys and inflatable toys.

Once they see your ad promoting these products, they will know what to buy for their loved ones.

Plush products from the store. Add some plush toys into your store and see how they do this winter.

Vacuum Containers

Next on our list of best dropshipping items to sell this winter is a valuable product.

Winter is a great time to use these products.

You can stay warm while shopping for Christmas gifts or commuting to work by keeping hot drinks such as tea and coffee hot.

These products are also in line with the trend towards sustainable outcomes. Like the reusable bags we mentioned earlier, people who use them will use fewer plastic cups when they’re on the go.

This kind of message will be perfect for your marketing campaigns, aside from the product’s core features.

Video marketing campaigns that show people enjoying hot beverages in winter weather are a great way to promote these products.

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