ADVICE FROM PROS: One thing you can do to improve your store TODAY

You’re not the only one who feels stuck, uncertain, or guilty for not working on your shop. Keeping up with the rapid changes in coronavirus situations worldwide can be challenging. It can be difficult to keep up with the daily changes in restrictions and to decide if you should continue to build your business.

There’s an added pressure to be as productive as possible with the extra time. You may start to feel guilty about not doing enough.

You don’t need to be productive in your business if you’re not feeling up to it. The most important thing is to take care of your physical and mental well-being. If you are not ready, you can close this article. You can come back later when you feel more prepared.

If you feel confident and want to start making small steps with your business despite the uncertainty, then our 13-drop shippers can help.

The experts have shared tips for what you should focus on right now. They advise how to adapt to this situation, make the most of your time, and prepare your business for when things return to normal.

I challenge you to choose the piece of advice that resonates the most with you and commit to yourself that you will do it today. Do the same tomorrow. The next day.

Vlad Gasan

You should adjust your message to reflect the current situation and address customer concerns.

They are worried about the future, they’re losing their jobs, they’re bored at home, and even sometimes scared because they don’t know how much longer it will last. Most of them still buy stuff, particularly online.

Help people in any way you can by offering them products that will help them reduce stress, stay active, and have more fun. As drop shippers, we can make a difference in these difficult times.

Pierre Emmanuel

It would be best to talk to your supplier today about the goods shipments from China to the country where you want to deliver them.

You may be aware that ePacket is usually used for cargo on commercial flights. There are only a few remaining flights. I switched to AliExpress Standard Shipping from ePacket because it seemed to work better. I still can’t wait until ePacket works as usual.

Burak Dogan

You must be 100% honest with your customers if you have already begun e-commerce and own an online store.

Be honest about any problems with shipping, production, or product supply. You can explain the situation to everyone. That’s it.

Spend more time with customers because chargebacks are more painful than not selling products.

Paul Lee

It is essential to simplify everything and make the purchase process as simple as possible.

Remove as much friction as possible from the buying process by making the product page readable. Instead of long descriptions, which users might not want to read, break them up using photos or gifs.

Courtney White

It would be best if you always continued to market your store. Marketing doesn’t have to be about pushing a particular product. There are always ways to market your company, even if there are manufacturing delays or you cannot ship your products.

Focus your marketing on the person behind your company. This is an excellent method to generate new leads and build relationships.

Rodney & Kory

Explore your store like you are a potential customer. It is crucial to think like your customers. Your customers are the ultimate deciding factor in whether your business will succeed or fail, so you must tailor everything to them.

Explore as much as possible! Scroll, read, click, and add items to your cart.

Take notes as you look through your store. You can continually improve things by moving, fixing, rewriting, adding, or removing.

Yuanda Zhang

Market research is the one thing beginners should concentrate on most. It’s a different game now, ecommerce. You don’t have to test endless products until you discover the “golden winner.”

You can also read Amazon reviews, Reddit posts, YouTube videos, and forum discussions about the product you’re trying to sell. Understand your product and give people compelling reasons to buy it from you.

With this knowledge, you can create successful marketing campaigns, including ad creatives and landing pages.

Emma Reid

If there is one thing you can do today to improve your store, it would be to sit down and understand your target audience.

It will be hard to sell if you don’t know your buyer or don’t give it much thought. I would give the same advice to anyone who has had their ads stop performing recently.

Perhaps the current state of the world is why your customers could benefit from the product differently. You can only know this if you take the time to learn about them and their life.

Chris Wane

Focus on improving your brand image. Many new drop shippers believe you can build a store within an hour and make hundreds of thousands in profit. It’s not that simple. Branding and trust-building require so much more.

Color schemes, logos, and text fonts are all important. It would be best to consider the language you use on your site.

Is the website professional, or does it look like it was put together in 10 seconds? Use this time to improve the site if you do not buy it.

Shri Kaase

It would be best if you spent today focusing on the product pages. Most people spend too much time on their home page, but 99.9% will be on the product page. Your ‘About Us” page or fancy home page does not have to be exciting or emotional.

Although these are important, you should focus 80% of the effort on optimizing product pages.

Ryan Carroll

To improve it today, you should make your store look less like a dropshipping shop. Dropshipping stores are accessible, so many people have started their businesses. It’s excellent but also a double-edged sword, as you have more competition.

Dropshipping store owners copy other people’s products, descriptions, and creatives. You lose by doing this. You need to think out of the box and be original.

Each dropshipping shop that I have had success with was unique and well-branded. Make your store appear trustworthy and excellent. Ask yourself: Would I buy this?

Harry Coleman

Make sure your store is clean, well-organized, and professional. You can hire a logo designer on Fiverr for as little as $30.

Product descriptions and pictures should be clear and compelling. Concentrate on the benefits and how the product can solve the customers’ problems. Spending time on your store’s design will improve your conversion rates.

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